COVID-19: Why People Suddenly Prefer Online Casinos

Over the past few years, every traditional casino worth its salt, has created online versions where users can play all of their favourite games and right now they will all be glad they did because thanks to movement limitations brought on by concerns over the spread of COVID-19, most casinos around the world have had to stop all gambling activities in their brick-and-mortar locations.

Many governments all over the world have had to put in place an emergency stay-at-home order, which means thatpopular gambling destinations such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Reno have now become ghost towns, as people are stuck at home and afraid to go anywhere.

Despite the foregoing, the gambling industry is not totally losing out on revenue during these tough times.Casino-lovers who are stuck at home have still found ways to access their favourite casinos and play their favourite games through the internet. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that due to a recent rise in patronage, the online gambling industry is seeking to expand in the U.S.

More and more people are getting into casino games, which have even prompted several governments across the world to put emergency laws in place that prevent citizens from gambling away all their money during this shutdown. This prompts the question; why are so many people suddenly so interested in online gambling?

LA Progressive suggests some reasons why so many people are choosing online casinos gamesas their favourite pastime this season and these reasons are discussed below:

Why Online Casinos Are Your Best Bet Right Now

  • With social distancing rules currently in place, you can’t imagine having to sit in a crowded Vegas casino or any other Casino right now. This has got everyone turning to the internet which is currently the only other place where they can play casino games without being exposed to the novel Coronavirus.
  • Casino lovers are offered an endless variety of casino games options that can be accessed from their mobile phones and computers 24/7. This is pretty convenient for anyone bored at home, even those who would usually have been too busy at work to spend time at a traditional casino.
  • Online casinos are a lot more convenient. Online, you can have access to everything without waiting in line or contending with crowds.This means it is suitable for introverts. Also if you’re someone who loves to carry everyone along, you can invite friends and family to sign up, even the ones that are far away, this way everyone plays together.
  • Online casinos most times offer bonuses and free plays when you sign up on their website, the same cannot be said for brick-and-mortar casinos.
  • In many countries, there is still no limit placed on how much money you can spend on an online casino, which means that you can spend the entire day playing if you wanted. The cons to this are obvious and many online casinos do warn players to play responsibly.
  • All wins in an online casino go straight to your bank account unlike in traditional casinos where there are steps to cashing your money


Even while the world sits at home due to social isolation rules, casino lovers can still play their favourite casino games right at home from the comfort of their bed or couch using computers, tablets and smartphones with internet access.


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