3 games that can make you money

Online gaming is a fun activity to spend your free time at home (or for that matter even at work!). But imagine if you could make money while doing this. There are of course many online casinos and poker games where one can make and lose money but did you know even word games could spell dollars? These are games that don't even need hardcore gaming skills like Unreal where you need to have quick reaction time. These are easy games catering to your interest and can be played regardless of age or experience.

With the kind of times we live in, the usual money spinning games are not in the best of shape with many casinos even being forced to lay off employees. So quit thinking about driving up to Vegas and log onto the internet while we tell you where to go and make some quick cash.

Second Life

Are you sort of disappointed with the world around you and the life that you and everyone around you is leading? Well, you are probably prime to play Second Life where you can literally create your own world, community and experience. You can live out your dreams and create something so special that you'll probably never want to return. There are innumerable stories of people striking gold on Second Life. With over 2 million players, you can make your money by selling virtual real estate, merchandise or any other services that your online avatar would be good at. Give it a shot but remember it can get very addictive!

Paid Game Player
With over 25 games on offer on this platform, Paid Game Player also allows players to make money by reviewing games, testing products, doing surveys and referring friends. There are options of free and premium membership with the latter offering better chances of making more money. The site owners claim they give out cash worth $250000 every day so this is definitely a site worth checking out. You'd already be familiar with some of the games like Angry Birds and Zuma.

Wealth Words

If shooting birds and crushing candy is not your think and you'd rather do something that teases your brain then try Wealth Words. This site is known for word games like scrabble or crosswords where you can make money while indulging your gray cells. In games like scrabble, it's more about knowing that words that exist rather than what they mean like this article here confirms. As long as you are above 18 years of age and have a way with words, you are good to make money on this site. After registering on the site, you need to buy tokens that you use to play games. The tokens can be bought through credit card or PayPal.

Maybe it is time for you to stop surfing the internet without any compensation. Start getting paid for the things you would do anyway - like solving crosswords, playing scrabble or just competing in a furious game of Angry Birds. It's a win-win situation.


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