Organic skin products provides chemical-free difference

In alignment with my philosophy of conscious living, I wanted to create a skincare range that would help raise awareness that, if formulated correctly, organic skin care can create great results.

Nahaia Active Organics - Organic Anti Aging Skin Care Range by Nahaia RussEveryday people all of the world apply product to their skin, from moisturizers to face creams, serums, body lotions and sunscreens. While many of the skin care programs market themselves as being natural and organic, loopholes in the regulatory process allows them to add toxic chemicals to the mix and still cal it natural.

I took a different route. Everything that goes in to each of my products has a purpose related to created healthy, vibrant skin. I spent years years in the laboratory perfecting my natural preservative blend so that even the preserving is actively transforming your skin.

It gives me great satisfaction in life to offer such a pure, active and results orientated skin care range. I am confident you will love the difference that Nahaia Active Organics skin care brings to your skin.

Nahaia Active Organics skincare products were created to provide a quality chemical free alternative for people who care about what they use on their skin. The result is a natural, organic and environmentally ethical product range that is pure indulgence for your skin.

My naturopathic and herbal clinical practice has taught me that if you integrate active anti oxidant, anti aging ingredients with essential nutrients and oils, you can maintain a lower cellular age. I have incorporated these principles and nutrients into the Nahaia Active Organics range.

Nahaia translates to 'journey of eternal love'. Nahaia Active Organics embraces this philosophy through the creation of a high quality, organic and naturally active skincare range that 'loves, transforms and nurtures' the skin to good health.


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