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( - You’ve probably heard about Brazilian cut jeans. These curvy jeans have earned a worldwide reputation for giving a perfit fit for women with curvy figures. If you’re looking for a pair of jeans to make your butt look good, then levanta cola jeans are perfect for you. What distinguishes Brazilian jeans from those from other countries? Read on to find out more… and where to buy Brazilian cut jeans.

What Makes Them Brazilian Jeans?

If you said the fact that they are made in Brazil, then perhaps you don’t realize that some Brazilian jeans are not made in Brazil. Just like Americans have what they might collectively group as being American jeans (Levi’s, Lucky, Seven, etc), but most of them are made in China. Brazilian jeans are even more definitive in the sense that they define a collective style, rather than a collection of brands.

Brazil has often been a fashion trendsetter for various apparel lines, but in recent years American companies have been listening to what people want in clothing—and that is Brazilian style jeans.

So how are Brazilian jeans different than American jeans? Well, wear a pair and you will notice the difference immediately. Other people around you will also usually notice their fit is quite different. Their fit flows with your body; or let’s say, Brazilian jeans emphasize you; you are not emphasizing the jeans. Shapely figures especially need such curvy jeans to allow for a glove-like fit.

Unfortunately, many American companies attempts to imitate Brazilian jeans has been unsuccessful. The fit of a Brazilian jean consists of many parts: the waist, thigh, length, inseam, backside. The backside for example is rarely replicated correctly by American companies, and they don’t seem to elevate or lift your behind, defying the law of gravity as some people like to put it when describing Brazilian jeans (especially Brazilian low-rise jeans).

One of the major styles in Brazilian jeans is their low-rise look. The lowrise jeans look you see in the U.S. today is a direct result of Brazilian fashion influence. Brazilian fashion designers were setting the low-rise trend (although designers tell me it really originated on French fashion runways) long before you could get low-rise jeans here. I mention here because they are one of the most sought after fits in jeans (or any pants for that matter) today.

A final difference about Brazilian jeans is in their overall accentuation and originality. Brazilian jean manufacturers often changes designs every 3-6 months. If you have ever shopped Levi’s, you will notice that they have carried the same line for somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 years—get with the times please! The amount of variation is very drastic as well. Embellishments, colors, patterns, washes, and cuts are extremely diverse. I can often see a pair of Brazilian jeans and can then tell you what year they came out just by looking at them. If you have ever wore some really nice pair of jeans from Brazil, you will soon discover that people will comment on them a lot, and ask you where you got them, etc. On the high end, a pair of Brazilian jeans can sell for as much as $700 retail.

In pursuit of the question “why are low-rise jeans so popular and persistent,” the entire Brazilian fashion industry answers this in accord: Brazilian women are a lot more carefree and as well as passionate about their bodies much more on average than Americans are. This is probably partially something to do with our occasional tendency to not take care of our bodies nearly the way they do as a whole—and Brazilian jeans express that modality best; and we Canadians are merely trying to acquire that attitude and feeling as well.


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