Hair styling techniques for Back-to-School

(NC)—Prepare for the busy mornings of autumn by keeping your hair strong with a good cut and moisturizing conditioners —and aim for effortless styling with modern tools and innovation, say specialists in this field.

A popular back-to-school resource for ideas online is, which, in addition to a full lineup of stylers for any hair type, is also featuring the hottest trends with tips and tutorials, like this:

Loose vertical curls: For fast and fabulous styling, use a conical curling wand. It will give you textured curls with no kinks. You simply wrap each strand around the wand, hold it and release. Called the You Curl, this specialized iron heats up in 30 seconds for quick styling on the go. It's made with a ceramic material to give your hair more protection while it eliminates static and reduces frizz. Easy quick-tip techniques are on the website.

Soft crimpy tresses: Runway models and celebrities are wearing their hair in a unique, crimped wave design. It is soft and textured, but it's also “beachy” since it's a look you might get after a few hours in the sea breezes on the beach. When you only have five minutes though, a ceramic styler called You Wave Ultra is a 'must have' hair appliance to help you pull it off every time. Tutorials are available online.

When assessing the right look for you, consider this: If you want big, bouncy tresses, use a curling iron with a very wide diameter. For tighter curls, use one that is narrower. Here are a few more Conair tips for creating the look you want:

Big Curls

The size used to create large curls is usually three-quarters to one inch in diameter (2 to 3 cm). TIP: Spritz small sections with mousse, then wrap them around the iron and hold for five seconds. Release, let hair cool, then use fingers to separate curls.

Tight Curls

Use a narrow iron that is one-half inch (13 mm) in diameter producing a ringlet effect. TIP: Wrap small sections from ends to roots in a spiral. Hold five seconds. Release curl, let it cool, spritz with hairspray but do not touch.

Big Waves

A curling iron that is 1.5 inches (4 cm) in diameter will create large, loose waves in longer hair, or help smooth short hair. TIP: Wrap large sections around the iron to smooth; wrap small sections to create waves. The longer you hold the curling iron in the hair the tighter the result.

Slight Waves

A curling iron about 1 to 1.5 inches (3 cm) in diameter will create nice, soft waves.

TIP: Curl small sections of hair with the curling iron, then clip each section to head. When cool, release pins and run fingers through hair.


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