Fashion Forward: What's Hot into Winter 2013

The runways this fall have been conspicuously lacking in the bright spectrum colours and shades. The bright colours used were sandwiched in the dominant darker colors in an elaborate way as if to down play their dominance. The predominant colour themes have been to say the least a bit on the dull side this fall. The New York fashion week runways this season were chock full of brown, taupe, black, darker hues of blue and grey. However, the designers do not disappoint and have done a very good job of making this dull colours stand out in a very eye catching manner. Probably they did this with the intention of unleashing the colours in their upcoming fall season collections in which case I can’t wait for next fall!

The black colour which no doubt has many admirers, was represented a lot in the 2012/2013 winter fall runways albeit mixed in with other dark colours like the dark shades of blue, winter whites and dark gray. For most of the evening wear, the collections opted for deep jewel tones, some gold hues, darker blue and even some hues of gold. The predominant evening themes seam to have been the soft pastel colors on some exquisite gowns that were exceedingly feminine. So the evening wear category was where the designers avoided being too dull colored we can say.

The ubiquitous hat has more lives than the proverbial cat and it resurfaced again this fall and winter. It was a common part of the ensemble in the 2012/2013 New York fashion week runway and what an impression the hat had on the designs! The skirt hem line this fall and winter was mid knee length to below the knee and the dresses were not tight fitting but rather comfortable fitting. The emphasis was also on the waist where it was evident from the belted waist coats, the skirt or on the dresses.

It has always been a fascination of the west with the way the Asian ladies manage to look so sexy while not showing too much skin. So it was also with this winter fall collections where there was a lot of the orient in the designs on show. The oriental look as expected necessitated the use of luxurious fabrics which were in abundance with this look. Another prerequisite to this look is the attention to detail which was also evident in the oriental designs.

Another inspiration that is very evident form the 2012/2013 designs is the military dressing. Many designers went for the military look of course adapted to be more feminine, comfortable and with more feminine fabrics but the inspirations are undeniable all the same.

The gothic look was also very much evident in the winter fall 2012/2013 fashion week runways and it did not disappoint. The scary make up coupled with the black leather and in some cases velvet, helped to create a very authentic gothic look as well.


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