Plus Sized Women: Five Fashionable Tips

There is nothing harder about being a plus size woman than waking up in the morning and figuring out what to wear. In fact, it is a difficult task for any woman, but for someone that isn’t overly confident about her body, it can mean hours of throwing outfits together, being disappointed and creating an awful mass of unwearable clothes on the bedroom floor.

Black is a safe bet, but it’s so boring! An injection of color just adds emphasis to the parts of the body you definitely don’t want to put out there, and the latest fashions just don’t look the same on you as they do the likes of Kirsten Dunst and Kate Moss. It’s a hard life, living with curves, but someone’s gotta do it!

Before you resign yourself to a never-ending closet of black clothes and spanx-pants, maybe you should take some tips from the professionals….?

Always wear clothes that are THE RIGHT SIZE. Smaller clothes make you look as if you are trying to shove sausage meat into s a skin, and let’s be honest about this ladies; that’s just not a good look. You might not want to admit that you are a size 16, but squeezing yourself into a size 12 isn’t going to change your weight baby; it’s just going to make you look unflattering!

The same goes for wearing clothes that are too big – you might think that they hide all your “fat bits” but in reality, all you are doing is making yourself look bigger than you really are, and when you are a bigger girl, you probably don’t want that!

Wear color! Wearing color adds emphasis to certain parts of the body, and as a bigger girl it might be easier to avoid a splash of color, but do you want to be Ms. Black for the rest of your life? If you like your bust, wear a fitted jacket in a splash of color over a black dress or pants. If you think you have nice ankles and feet, chuck on some colorful shoes and match them with a colorful bag. Adding color doesn’t have to mean broadcasting your plus-size figure, but it can help you to remember that you have good points too!

Never forget the importance of good underwear! This doesn’t mean that you should be wearing Spanx-style pants everyday for the rest of your life, but investing in good underwear will sort out some of the flaws that you see on yourself, such as the ripples under your bra, or the muffin top that hands over your pants. Get fitted properly for a bra, and wear underwear that flatters your curves, not ones that cut them in half. Support in this game means everything.

Accessories are important! If you like the shape of your waist, add a belt in a pop of color. If you have a long neck, throw on a chunky necklace. If you have thin wrists, wear some beautiful bangles. You will be surprised at how much you can change up one outfit simply by wearing different accessories. Even something as simple as a Peter-Pan style collar necklace can change the entire shape of a boring black top and is a budget-friendly way of updating your closet.

Get a decent hair cut! If you are worried about your double chin, your larger neck, broader shoulders or large bust, a good hair cut could make the world of difference. When your hair looks good, you feel good, and if you give people a reason to focus on something good, like your hair, they will avoid the areas that you feel self-confident about, such as your wobbly tummy. Go to a hairdresser, find some celebrities with the same figure style as you, and get changing!


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