Plus-sized fashion: Top Four tips for Winter

Winter is coming and the all too familiar chill in the air is blasting our faces. You know what that means ladies? New fashionable trends, and we all know how much easier it is to dress for the colder weather than it is for the hot!

Now those skimpy dresses that we weren’t brave enough to wear, have made way for the warm sweaters and layers. The flip flops that showed off our puffy, swollen ankles have been hidden away, leaving more room for knee high boots, and skimpy tops that showed off every lump and bump have been layered beneath super trendy scarves and waistcoats. If, like so many other plus size ladies, fall and winter is your favorite time of the year, you are in for a treat!

This year seems to be making way for a more colorful colder season than we have been used to. Yes, the browns and grays are still in so there is no need to throw those items out just yet. However, they are being teamed with bold colors and prints that we, perhaps, wouldn’t have been brave enough to wear during the summer.

We’ll start with the obvious – what colors are in this winter?

Emerald green is the color to wear if you want to feel fabulous and royal this season, and the good news about this delightful color is that it is so easy to wear, for any size and any skin tone. Peplum tops are all the rage too, and are incredibly flattering for the larger ladies, so why not experiment with a beautiful green peplum top over those skinny jeans that you have only just been brave enough to wear? If the top is too much color for you, keep to blacks and browns underneath, and add a bit of color with a cardigan that is fitted at the waist or some super cute accessories to keep in theme with the beautiful winter color.

What about warmth?

To keep warm this season, you will see that fur is back in with a vengeance – the fake stuff though; there will be no need to skin any animals. Faux fur is a big hit, and with more colors and styles than ever before, there is no need to shy away from it. A vest or waistcoat can be teamed with a multitude of other garments, meaning that it is one of the most versatile things you can buy this season. If you are proud of your waist, why not add a waist belt to cinch it all together – you will be surprised at how slimming this puffy garment can be.

Can I still rock prints?

Yes of course you can! Prints are very much still in for the colder seasons, which means there is no need to throw away those other items that you have just yet. Those paisley dresses that you were rocking all summer? Well, you can still wear those but teamed with slightly different other items to make the look a warmer one. For example the printed wraparound dress that you bought for family days at the beach can be teamed with thick tights, wooly hat and a fur coat for a winter look that screams class. You can still wear the ballet bumps, or add furry boots for an instant glamorous appeal.

Let’s not forget about the shoes!

As with every fall, boots are very much back in, but this time the ankle booties are making a re-appearance. This season they are fringed however; with just the right hint of cowboy about them. The skinny jeans that you just bought – why not jazz them up with fringed ankle booties, a rocking leather satchel and a fitted blazer for a tailored look that will take you all the way through until next spring. You can even get flat boots if you are not too stable on the killer Canadian snow and ice!

So there you have it – your fall and winter survival guide. The good news is that with layering, you can still wear all of your summer stuff, and with just a couple of extra new items, you will be rocking this seasons fashion in no time.


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