Toronto: J Crew's Men Fashion goes bold

There’s always everything for women coming up in the lime light, sadly, leaving men aside. Well, c’mon guys, it’s your time to impress the ladies! J. Crew has got a whole new collection for men this season. Amazing, right?! So, here is a chance for all those disappointed men to have a sneak peak in J. Crew’s wardrobe for men this winter.

Talk about fashion and you will be surprised to see the latest bold collection brought to the stores near you the last month. Yes, J. Crew has just opened up their two new stores at Eaton Centreand Fairview Mall. First time featuring their unique classic line for men in Toronto.

J. Crew is hitting the town with new offbeat colours with fine classic pieces like their famous Ludlow suit and shirt, Italian Cashmere and Japanese denim. Wow, fashion for men has just got bold this winters. More and more men are found playing with colours; fun and fashion together? Right.

Dear Men, there’s a lot more for you in the wardrobe other than conservative stripes, big and small checkers or plain shirts. J. Crew has experimented with all new colors, smart seams and fine fabrics to make the outfits look more chic and classy at the same time. Now, dare to wear pink at office or play with smooth lavender at pub. It’s all about your style and your attitude. J. Crew has always focused on playing with the attitude; be it a club or your office, now you can play with your attitude in wearing anything and everything. Feel comfortable, trendy and confident in what you wear-that is the key philosophy behind J. Crew’s new signature launch for men.  J. Crew clothing line for men is all about setting your own personal statement rather following someone else’s style. Their new launch is all about boldness, style, comfort and quality for the real Canadian men. 


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