Men enhance their look with trendy eyewear

(NC) — Some men just look better in glasses. Whether plastic or wire, round or square, eyewear offers a flattering frame to the masculine face. As the fashion industry capitalizes on this trend, men's eyewear has become a dominant style commodity on the international fashion scene, with icons like David Beckham and Johnny Depp looking lens-perfect on the red carpet.

Two eyewear brands are at the forefront of the premium-designed eyewear industry this year. Evatik is designed for the bold and sophisticated male, while Kliik caters to both sexes with sleek European style. Designed to provide a balance between fashion and function, both brands offer a wide range of options. More information is available on and

“2013 is all about updated classics, retro-inspired looks and timeless sophistication,” says Beverly Suliteanu, the vice president of product development for WestGroupe, leading Canadian eyewear manufacturer and distributor. “Shapes, colours, and detailing are essential when selecting the ideal frame to complement your look.”

Rimless and semi-rimless styles offer subtle sophistication, letting lens shape lead the way, says Suliteanu. Popular tones for wire styles like these are silver, gold and black, lending to their signature understated look. Expect to see a wide range of eye shapes, including round, aviator, clubmaster-inspired and square.

The colour palette for 2013 is composed of classic blues, greys and neutrals. Two-toned designs, including colour-blocking and traditional tortoise are especially strong. Intricate detailing, like patterned metal, faux wood finishes and retro styling top off any look with eye-catching style.

Many agree that a man in specs emits a powerful aura, coupled with refined style and sophistication. If specs suit your style, but you don't require a prescription, opt for plano or faux lenses. Suliteanu advises trying on different styles, shapes and frame models until you find your perfect pair.

Try on every shape, colour, and style to find the right specs for you.

Style summary:


Round (Victorian to hippie influences)

Aviator (classic, updated, plastic 70s versions)




Tortoise (classic and updated)

Two-tones/color blocking




Faux wood finishes

Patterned metal

Retro styling


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