Ottawa: H & M Fashions comes to Bayshore Mall

Great news for lovers of fast-fashion! Yesterday, H&M released a statement declaring they are to open their first store in Ottawa in the fall of 2013 at Bayshore Shopping Centre.

H&M is known for their affordable prices while still offering the latest trends and basics at a fraction of a cost of department store prices, all the while gaining international recognition for collaborating with higher end, ready-to-wear designers such as Versace, Marni, and Maison Martin Margiela.

When asked why H&M decided to come to Ottawa, Public Relations Manager for H&M Emily Scarlett told Apartment613, “We’ve always been looking for a location in Ottawa since we opened in Canada in 2004. We’ve been just waiting to find the perfect location so unfortunately it’s taken 9 years to find.”

“Finding the right location is part of our expansion principle since the company was founded in 1947.” Scarlett further explained, “This was the first time such a space was available in a great location like Bayshore.”

Despite Ottawa’s reputation for dressing conservatively, Scarlett suggests Ottawa shoppers will be able to find something no matter what their style is. H&M’s principle “is that people should be able to dress for their personality no matter what that is. We feel that you can find that at H&M … We’re very big about fashion and quality at the best price.”

Are Ottawa residents more keen for fashion finds at a lower price? Depends on who you ask. Recently a Joe Fresh store was added to St. Laurent Shopping Centre, and much like H&M, provides basics and trendier clothing for a modest price. Word is ZARA Kids might be arriving to Bayshore  as well. Simons, which offers a mix of low and high end clothing, recently confirmed a store opening in Rideau Centre in 2015. However, one of the more popular higher end department stores from the US, Nordstrom, is to arrive at Rideau Centre in the spring of 2014.

All of these recent developments pose a bigger question around the impact on local business. With H&M located out in Bayshore, at first glance it doesn’t seem to pose direct competition for local downtown boutiques. Yet as local businesses seek to expand, they might see themselves facing more competition from larger stores. Local boutiques have proven resilient, however, and their loyal clientele isn’t likely to stray too far from those shops.

Bayshore’s General Manager seemed pleased as punch with the announcement. ”We are extremely excited that H&M has selected Bayshore Shopping Centre as its first location in Ottawa,” said Denis Pelletier, GM. “Welcoming one of the world’s most sought-after clothing retailers is proof that Ottawa is on the fashion map. With H&M’s opening in the fall, as well as the addition of a number of other exciting, new retailers, Bayshore has cemented its position as the city’s fashion destination.”

If you’re into cheaper fashion, H&M will definitely be a draw. They’ll be getting new deliveries every single day, so “maybe you won’t be able to find something on Monday, but if you come back on Tuesday, there will definitely be something there.”As for the sought-after designer collaborations, H&M has yet to announce a collaboration this fall. Scarlett also informed Apt613 H&M will be hiring staff for their Ottawa location and can apply on their website,

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