Summer fashion embodies glitz

(NC)—If the fashionistas have their way, this will be a summer like no other. Sunny days and sultry temperatures give us the perfect time to strut our sensual stuff – and this year, the height of fashion is embracing the glamour and jewels of a sun-kissed, jet-set look.

“To get this look just right, envision the social elite of the 1950s and 60s,” says Janette Ewen, a style expert for leading jewelry brand, Pandora. “Dress up as if you might be whisked off to Cannes tomorrow, or to sizzling St. Tropez. Don't hold back on flaunting lots of glitz and cleavage, red lips and sparkles, all of it embodying the golden era of Hollywood beauties.”

Best of all, says Ewen, you can create this look quickly without a private jet or a trust fund. Here are a few of her fun-filled tips:

-- The iconic jet-set wardrobe always starts with a base of chic black and white complemented by bright colours and bold Pucci-inspired prints. And, you can't go wrong with casually-styled maxi dresses in light-weight flowing fabrics, especially in colours like kelly green, turquoise-blue and fuchsia.

-- When dressing, remember that the overall aesthetics of the jet set look is about clean, classic lines. A striped boat-neck top, paired with crisp pants and a pop of bold colour will work well from the beach to the golf course. Shop for neck scarves in bold colours, and when it comes to adornments, layer leather bracelets or coloured cords from Pandora.

-- Sun-kissed hair and glowing skin are essential components for the look. Avoid an overdone or slick 'do' and instead, go for loose beachy waves, or a soft side plait. A good self-tanner will give your skin a healthy glow, but does not give you any protection. Avoid skin damage by wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or greater.

-- When the sun goes down, your jewelry shines. The jet setter likes to layer it on and they love to accent their looks with gold and silver. Combining jewelry for a custom, layered creation is a Pandora specialty, Ewen points out. Sparkling stackable rings draw attention to your glowing skin tone. So will interchangeable earrings with dangling pendants and bracelets in sterling silver, 14k gold, and in trendy leather, or coloured fabric.

--  Layers of jewelry allow you to keep your summer makeup light. On your lips, slick on a soft red gloss and on your eyes, a few coats of waterproof mascara. With the summer heat, avoid heavy powders and foundation whenever possible.

-- Finish your work of art with a glamorous brimmed hat – or a sassy fedora – and even when not needed, a pair of chic tortoiseshell sunglasses.

“The darker the better,” Ewen says about the sunglasses. “You never know when the paparazzi will be around the next corner.”


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