Makeup: 3 tips to shape and illuminate the face

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1. The golden rule: brighten the skin to attract attention

The goal is to bring to light key areas we want to highlight (like cheekbones) and shade areas we want to avoid highlight (round cheeks, forehead too, etc.. ). It is not to transform, but to give a boost to nature by building on our strengths. Moreover, the experts all agree on one thing: we must emphasize that we love in our face rather than hide what we like least.

2. Good texture

Your best friends? Products in cream form: they are easier to fade, and they can be mixed to achieve the perfect shade to light shade or parts of the face.

3. Good technique

After imperfections camouflaged uniform and the color of the skin with a foundation, we sculpt the face playing with shadows and light. Modeler (term referring to cosmetics that are darker than your skin) and illuminator (which refers to clearer complexion that our makeup) can be applied with fingers, brush or sponge. What matters is that the result is uniform and almost imperceptible. Another good tip: makeup in daylight to avoid unpleasant surprises!


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