Choosing Famous Anarkali Suits According to Body Shape

A favourite among the suits, Anarkalis are a much coveted ethnic fashion thanks to their imperial flavor and classy aura. The lengthy detail of the suit has garnered much popularity in recent times- so much so that you will often find B-town divas sporting them with élan, even on the red carpet premier shows- which were once dominated by gowns and dresses inspired by much-emulated Western fashion. It won’t be over stretching to comment that Anarkali suits have done much to bring the ethnic fashion once again to the fore.

Are you too looking to shop for Anarkali suits of late? Well, it must be mentioned here that not every such suit would befit every body shape and you have to be careful about your specific portfolio while you are out choosing “the one” for you. The post here offers some expert tips on picking the perfect Anarkali according to body shape.

Hourglass body

An hourglass body represents a fine proportionate body which can sport any Anarkali suit with attitude. However, the best one for you here would be the suits with a tighter waist as such a cut will duly accentuate your glorious curves at their best. Try to avoid heavy fabrics here, as you might end up looking overweight, especially if you are a little on the healthy side. Choose a shade that would beautifully complement your specific skin tone.

Inverted triangle

Such a body type is characterized by a wide shoulder and skinny legs. In this case, try to avoid high necklines, boat necks and bulky patterns on the shoulder – as these will only highlight your broad shoulder. Try out Anarkalis with deep necklines instead.


Apple-shaped portfolios are basically plump on the sides, specifically above the waist. If you sport an Apple shaped body, the A-line Anarkali suits with wide hemlines will do wonders for you. Don’t go for stiff fabrics here such as brocade or tissue, as these would render an undesired rectangular appearance.

Straight body

Women with straight body shape usually lack the curves and come up with an ultra-slim portfolio. If you are one of them, you can happily try out the short, frock-style, skin-fitted Anarkalis.

Pear shaped

A pear-shaped body comes with a well-defined waistline and wider lower-body. In such situations, the best bet is an A-Line Anarkali suit that would have a narrow top and flares at the bottom. The narrow top will be magical for your beautiful envious shapely waistline while the flares would smartly camouflage your curvaceous bottom.

Diamond shaped body

A diamond-shaped body is defined by a larger waist compared to the hips and bust. On the other hand, the shoulders would be narrow compared to hips. In this case, your trump card would be an Anarkali with good embellishments around the bust and bottom of the suit- so that attention is diverted from your broad waist.

Basically, the main maxim here is to choose a suit that will allow you to accentuate the best features of your specific shape.



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