What Did We Learn From Paris Fashion Week?

One of the best ways to stay on top of what the fashion world is doing is by following the trends that make a statement at Paris Fashion Week. So what was everyone talking about this year, and what new styles should you expect to see in stores near you, thanks to the world’s best designers who displayed their new ideas for all to see at Paris Fashion Week? Continue reading to find out.

You Can Certainly Mix Prints

When it comes to donning a unique outfit that will make you look like you just stepped off the Chanel runway, it is all about mixing prints. So rather than thinking that you need to create an outfit that is uniform in terms of the types of prints that you use, you can instead mix and match as you see fit and have a little bit of fun experimenting with your look to make it fun. So go ahead and pair a zigzag pattern with a plaid pattern this year.

Chunky Jewelry Is In

As you decide what jewelry you will wear to accessorize your outfit perfectly, forget the dainty jewelry of past seasons and instead opt for chunky jewelry that is sure to make a bold statement. Bold earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings are definitely in style right now, and there was plenty of that to be seen on the runway in Paris.

Brown is the New Black

According to Paris Fashion Week, some designers are really embracing brown as the new black. There are so many variations of this earthy, neutral, and natural looking color, so you can definitely play with finding the right tones that work best against your skin tone and with the rest of your wardrobe. Whether you are dressing casually, professionally, or looking for new boutique dresses, be bold and look for brown colors that will make you look fashionable and confident.

When It Comes to Lipstick, Stick with Dark Colors

Dark colored lipstick is definitely in vogue right now, with shades that include merlot and black cherry being extremely popular during Paris Fashion week. Dark lips are all the rage because they are super sexy and definitely increase the glam factor of any outfit. Glossy top coats make lips shine, so in addition to buying some new lipstick shades this season, don’t forget to also invest in some gloss to pump those colors to the next level.

Slicked Back Hair Is In, Too

Another beauty trend that people noticed while at Paris Fashion Week is the slicked-back hair look. This trend is being revived, thanks to boyish waves that are glossy and appealing, to ballerina knots and ponytails that are pulled back tightly.
Whenever there is a fashion show or fashion week event anywhere in the world, celebrities, stylists, designers, and buyers take note. After all, these are the events where the newest fashion trends are showcased, and Paris Fashion Week is no exception. From new colors and patterns, to new beauty tips and accessories, this year’s events taught everyone quite a bit.


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