Canadian Fashion Trend for Men - What's Hot

            Summer is here so it is time to bust out the latest fashions. Fashion is not just for women. Men have also gotten more into fashion. In fact, men's fashion is expected to make $8.4 billion by 2017. In Canada, menswear is rapidly changing, especially in the workplace. 

            In the past, going to work meant wearing things like suits and ties and being buttoned down. With the influx of millennial into the working world has come an increase in casualization. This is reflected in today's trends. Many employers have responded to this by relaxing dress codes. Furthermore, this shift in values has made it okay for men to dress a little more androgynous than before. Unisex clothing is a hot seller this season. Clothing makers like Zara have been getting in on this trend and making fashionable unisex clothes. Urban Behavior is a prime store to find one. Men are also adopting the idea that real men wear pink (and other bright colours) and have been adding them to their wardrobes. For those who like keeping up gender tradition, bomber jackets have become hot items. Look for them at Roots Canada. For those who like stripes, this couldn't be a better season since pinstripes are rapidly making a comeback. You can find these at Tip Top Tailors.

            Short shorts aren't just for girls anymore either. Many men have also decided to show some skin as well. If you are comfortable in them, they are a great fashion choice. Look for them at Joe Fresh.

            Since its summer, you can change out your boots for something more stylish. Unlike with some things, a good pair of dress shoes never seems to go out of style. Oxfords, the classic round variety, should always have a place in your wardrobe. The best part is you don't actually have to be dressed up to wear Oxfords; these things can go great with most any ensemble. The Gen X retro craze is not only just for television anymore. The classic high-top sneaker, such as the ones popularized by Micheal Jordan has become fashionable in our pursuit of all things retro. Major fashion icons like Versace have been producing their own lines of high-top sneakers. Slip on shoes has also become a hot style.

            For those who like accessorizing, baseball caps are a good place to start. Another place to go would be the bandanna neckerchief. They're versatile and come in many colors to match up with any ensemble. Just make sure they're long enough to tie. You can find these shoes and accessories at Canadian Burberry outlets.


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