Top 7 Fashion Tips for Ladies into Summer 2016

We are getting more and more inspired by the hottest trends of this summer as the temperature warms and takes the outfits from the runway straight to the red carpet.

Either it is a bold print on the shorts, as we saw on Barbara Bui's catwalk or may be a dramatic backless dress seen on Kate Mara, we have compiled the best seven trends that guarantee you that this summer you will look stylish and hot.

1.      Printed Shorts

Are the legs your best asset? Show off what you have got by drawing the attention to your legs in eye-catching, bright set shorts with an interesting print. Balance them with a solid and relaxed blouse, just like we saw on Solange Knowles and on the runway at Barbara Bui. Trust me; you just cannot ignore these styles.

2. Peek-A-Boo Lace

We can see you right through, Eva Mendes and Carven! Just like an old schoolyard game, these playful styles are coming out of hiding this season. The summer collections present a wide variety of styles made of lace or with lace details.

3. Leather Dresses

You might ask “Leather for summer?” And we will confidently say - yes! Just look at the page from Emmy Rossum and Proenza Schouler: The chilly weather fabric works just as good when the mercury rises-as long as you keep colors light and your silhouette airy. These dresses define a silhouette and create a great rebel image combined with appropriate jewellery and makeup or make you a queen of the office if you go for styles in neutral colors and choose the accessories accordingly.

4. Cropped Tops

Show as little (or as much) skin as you'd like-the secret to scoring chic looks like Balenciaga and Elizabeth Banks's is all in the proportions. An A-line skirt is a demure addition to a denim halter, or pair a mini and boxer blouse if you dare.

5. Backless Dresses

Business in the front, party in the back. Nothing gets things started like Azzaro and Kate Mara's dramatic cutouts. Talk about a big reveal!

6. The Closed Toe Shoes

It was proven by Lily Aldridge that this summer is all about sandals with closed toe. Go for black leather slides which will perfectly balance a white linen shirt dress. Lots of air and freedom for your feet and a trendy look.

7. Round Mirrored Sunglasses

The trendiest shape in sunglasses this summer is round. Your shades should not be too large and boast mirrored frames. Easy to hide your eyes with no makeup on the days when you just don’t feel like it. All the better to see yourself with, my dear.

In addition to these main 7 trends of summer 2016, we would also like to catch your attention with such trends like the denim mini, tie dyes, vertical striped outfits and haute sweatpants to ensure that you look trendy and stylish by the pool and on the evening party.


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