Top 7 Fashion Tips For Guys Going On First Dates

Here’s the deal: Your first date might either make your relationship or break it beyond repair. Given that girls are so passionate about clothes, you should keep in mind that it won’t matter whether both of you love the films of Alfred Hitchcock and can eat cheese all day long. Once sees you walking into the quaint coffee shop in your tattered jeans and old t-shirt, none of it will matter. After all clothes not only maketh a man but also lets the woman he desires know whether he is in it for good or for just a minor fling!

So, have you come here looking for fashion tips by which you can woo the woman of your dreams without even speaking a word? We won’t disappoint!

Dress Sharp

No, we are not asking you to put on a suit on your first date. Just make sure you dress for the place you are going to be spending time together. If it is a casual date in her favorite bookshop, tousled hair, navy blue shirt and jeans will do fine whereas if you are going on a night cruise, looking dapper in a suit might not be so bad after all!

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Go Colourful

White shirt and blue jeans might seem to be a safe option. But if you really want to impress this girl, move out of the neutral colors (Black too!) and embrace the vibrant but not too shiny color options such as sea green, darker shades of blue and maroon.

Ditch those Khakis

You want to be sexy on your first date. Khakis will make her feel like that you just came to the date from your workplace. Don’t be boring! Go with jeans and trousers instead!

Strike the right balance between tight and loose

So you want to make the most of your gym membership and chose a super tight shirt which would show off your muscular frame. As much you might hate us, but we firmly advise against wearing a tight shirt as it would make you uncomfortable through the night and would make it seem like you are trying too hard. Just opt for a shirt which would emphasize your best features while keeping you comfortable in your own skin and everything will be fine!

Put your best foot forward

All your efforts to dress perfectly will be nullified if you don’t pay attention to your footwear. Be it loafers or boots, canvas shoes or work shoes, your footwear would reveal your personality to your date. Something to think about. 

Accessorizing is Key

Be it a classic watch on your hand or an elegant pocket square meticulously placed in your coat pocket, it is all the small things that matter!

Smell Right

There is no greater turn off for women than a man who smells sweaty and stinky. Do the girls a favor and wear a impressive cologne which would activate all the right pheromones!

At the end of the day, all women want a man who will be considerate, kind, trustworthy and lovable. Be all these and wear a perfectly coordinated outfit, half your battle will be won!


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