Top 5 Places to Shop Online for Plus-Size Clothes

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The fashion industry in most cases does not really cater to the needs of the plus-sized individual. Finding plus sized clothes, is, therefore, a very tough venture. Most times even when the clothes are available, they appear to be frumpy apparels, hastily made and not designed to look fashionable in the least. However, thanks to the advent of online retailing, many retailers are now attempting to make fashionable clothes to fit the plus sized individuals. We have made a list of online shopping clothes where plus-sized people, can find suitable clothes which flatter their figure, are trendy and are made of quality fabric.

Addition Elle

This online fashion retailer offers chic and stylish plus size women's clothing, as well as plus size lingerie, jeans and dresses. They are popularly known to collaborate with plus-sized bloggers in order to design the best fits for plus sized women. They also hold a lot of sales and their products are usually sold at affordable prices.

Sizes: The sizes of their clothes usually range from X to 4X and 12 to 24.

Price: Clothes could be sold as low as $10 and as high as $250.

Shipping: They offer free shipping for orders over $120 and returns are also free.

Hudson’s Bay

The bay is another online shop that stocks luxury brands such as Carmakoma Plus, Junarose, Nic + Zoe and Jessica Simpson for the plus sized. They have a lot of regular sales and days they call “Bay days”. They sell everything from casual wears to work clothes.

Sizes: They go as high as size 24

Price: You can find clothing from $50 to $500

Shipping: Orders over $99 qualify for free shipping while orders under $99 cost $8 for standard shipping.

Old Navy

Old Navy offers basic clothing items for the plus sized and is also one of the few online stores that have a section for plus sized individuals. They do a lot of super sales where you can get articles for as low as 50% of the original price.

Sizes: Sizes go as high up as size 30.

Price: You can find items of clothing for as low as $5 to and they go as high up as $100


Shipping: Orders on $50 or more qualify for free standard shipping, while express shipping costs $8 to $22.



ASOS have a plus size section called ASOS curve and plus size. They carry affordable clothing for plus sized women, from inners to outerwear and all things in-between. They also sell shoes and accessories and offer free shipping and returns for high budget orders. They also have a men's plus-sized line.

Sizes: The sizes go as high up as 28.

Price: From as low as $5 to as high as $255.

Shipping: $30 standard shipping.

City Chic

City chic sells everything from basics, to work wear, lingerie and outerwear for plus sized individuals.

Sizes: Sizes range from 14 to 24

Price: Prices can be as low as $30 to as high as $200

Shipping: $5 standard shipping


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