Halifax: OMG Satisfaction Feast is baccccck

There are many vegetarians and food lovers in general that are likely still mourning the loss of well known veggie paradise Satisfaction Feast (formerly of 3559 Robie Street), which closed in 2011. Feast mourners, allow me to make your day: its alive! Satisfaction Feast now has a booth at the Historic Farmers’ Market (1496 Lower Water Street), just across from Big Life in the upper room. Here you’ll find not only familiar faces, but sweets and frozen dishes, too. We welcome the return of neatloaf, quinoa chili and soups like gypsy chickpea, African peanut, monastery lentil, curried squash and other seasonal, vegan and gluten-free delights. Stop by and reconnect with your old food friends, or place a special order by giving a ring to 429-5234. Read More..


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