Bagels: Canada's ultimate breakfast food

(NC) -- Forget cereal – it's time to give a toast to bagels for breakfast.

Canadians love bagels – in fact, 60 per cent of us eat bagels on a regular basis with nearly a quarter enjoying them daily or several times a week. Canada's most bagel-loving province is Ontario at 66 per cent, closely followed by Atlantic Canada (61 per cent), and Alberta (59 per cent). The majority of Canadians (90 per cent) also prefer their bagels toasted, with one-third topping them with cream cheese.

Dempster's Bakery is giving Canadians another reason to fall in love with bagels with the launch of its new, limited edition Maple French Toast Bagels. Toasted to perfection with a hint of maple flavour, these bagels can be enjoyed plain or with a variety of sweet or savory toppings.

“Combining two of Canada's most beloved foods – maple and bagels – Dempster's Maple French Toast Bagels make the ultimate breakfast choice,” says food expert and Professional Home Economist Amy Snider-Whitson of The Test Kitchen. “You can't get more Canadian than that!”

Dempster's Maple French Toast Bagels are available at major grocery store chains across Canada until May 22. To learn more, go to


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