Spring: Maple Becomes Hot Flavour Trend

(NC) - If you look on food shelves and at restaurant menus, it's hard not to notice that maple has become a hot food trend, flavoring everything from beer to yogurt, potato chips and now bagels. Chefs, food manufacturers and even brew masters are embracing maple for its natural goodness and diverse flavour profile including brown or burnt sugar, caramel, toasty, woody, malty, sweet and slightly smoky.

“Maple is about to come into its own as a hot trend this spring,” says food trendoligist and Professional Home Economist, Amy Snider-Whitson of The Test Kitchen Inc. “It's a quintessential Canadian flavour that has a prominent place at breakfast tables across the country.”

“The sweet yet toasty nature of maple pairs well with both sweet and savory foods, such as: peanut or other nut butters, peameal, bacon or ham, aged cheddar, tart apples, and cream cheese,” adds Snider-Whitson.

Dempster's is jumping on the maple bandwagon and introducing limited edition Maple French Toast Bagels. Combining two of Canada's most-loved foods – maple and bagels – these bagels make a sweet addition to any breakfast. Dempster's Maple French Toast Bagels are available at major grocery store chains in Canada for a limited time from now through May 22. To learn more, go to www.dempsters.ca.


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