Invite Your Friends to a Beer-Making Party

(NC) -- Step aside book clubs, murder mystery dinners, and jewellery making parties, the newest trend in at-home entertainment is to roll up your sleeves and make beer.

Propelled by the exploding popularity of craft beer plus the emergence of new, home-brewing kits, this activity is perfect for partying.

“The fun and social nature of getting friends together to make beer is one of the reasons home brewing is becoming more mainstream,” says Gavin Hawthorne of Brewer's Best Canada beer kits. “We're seeing groups ranging from young professionals to fun-loving seniors hosting beer making parties in their kitchens, garages and backyards. They have a great time brewing and then have almost 50 bottles to share as the fun by-product of the party.”

With a good quality brew kit, beer lovers can brew their own great tasting craft beer at home.

More information on home brewing is available at


Tips for Hosting a Home Brewing Party

The party planning is easy, according to leading craft beer kit Brewer's Best. Be sure to:

• Start the fun early – send your party invitation rolled up in an empty beer bottle.

• Make brewing easy – buy a premium quality, easy-to-use home brewing kit such as those outlined at

• Be prepared – review all the brewing instructions well in advance and make sure you have all the required ingredients and equipment on hand before your guests arrive. Also sterilize your equipment before the party begins.

• Get your guests involved – assign each guest a role: someone to add the hops, another to stir, and someone else to maintain the temperature.

• Have beer samplers – your beer needs to carbonate for a few weeks so have plenty of different craft brews on hand so your guests can sip and enjoy while they work.

• Encourage creativity – make your signature batch even more special by challenging your guests to create a unique, fun label for the bottles.


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