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'Toronto' The top 15 bagels and smoked salmon in Toronto

Bagels and smoked salmon are a breakfast staple at many of Toronto's best bagel shops and restaurants. Whether you like your bagels Montreal-style, flat, sesame or poppy, smoked salmon and cream cheese is the perfect accompaniment.

Here my picks for the top bagels and smoked salmon sandwiches in Toronto.

What A Bagel
This Toronto bagel chain serves up both a smoked salmon platter and a handheld version. Pile it high with cream cheese, capers, red onion and tomato.

Simit & Chai
Get your cream cheese and smoked salmon wedged inside the large, flat bagels at this Turkish bakery and cafe on King West.

Bagel World
Bagel World has locations all over GTA including Thornhill and Maple. Bagels and smoked salmon are offered in a platter with cream cheese, tomato, cucumber and red onion.

St. Urbain Bagels
This St. Lawrence Market bakery is a must visit for any true bagel fan. These Montreal-style bagels are baked fresh daily and are best topped with cream cheese and lox.

Bagels on Fire
Montreal-style bagels are the speciality at this Beaches bagel shop. Lox and cream sandwiches come with your choice of veggie toppings.

Schmaltz Appetizing
Schmaltz Appetizing
This sandwich shop takes crafting the perfect bagel to a whole new level. Get yours topped with house-cured beetroot, lemon dill gravlax or smoked pastrami salmon.

The Bagel House
The Bagel House can be found at various locations across the city. They are open 24 hours a day so you can get your fix of Montreal-style bagels and lox at any time of the day.

United Bakers
The lox and cream cheese platter at this North York restaurant is served with a twister bagel, tomato, cucumber and sliced onion.

Centre Street Deli
This Thornhill deli doesn't only specialize in smoked meat. You won't regret ordering their lox and cream cheese for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Rose and Sons
Just down the street from Schmaltz Appetizing, Anthony Rose's popular daytime destination will make you a bagel topped with pastrami salmon, cucumber, pickled onion, cream cheese and fried capers.

Nu Bugel
Nu Bugel
Stack your Montreal-style bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onions and lemon caper aioli at this Kensington Market bakery.

Little Fin
This Financial District eatery known for its seafood serves up bagels and smoked salmon weekday morning.

New Yorker Deli
This Toronto deli near Bay and Bloor is a go to spot for bagels and smoked salmon which can be had as either a sandwich or as a platter.

This bagel bakery and restaurant with multiple Toronto locations is well loved for their homemade bagels with cream cheese and hand-trimmed smoked salmon.

The Senator
The smoked salmon platter at this 1940's diner near Yonge and Dundas comes complete with house-smoked Atlantic salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and a Montreal-style bagel.

What did I miss? Name your go to spot for bagels and smoked salmon in the comments.

Photos by Hector Vasquez and Jesse Milns.

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