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Ottawa Restaurants Apply for Vendor Status at Book Expo 2020

The 2020 Ottawa Book Expo will be the ultimate unplugged experience for foodies and bookworms alike. Spend the day—or four, amongst literary works and some of Canada’s all-time favourite culinary masterpieces with the application of local Ottawa Restaurants for vendor status.

The Ottawa Book Expo is coming back in 2020 for a literary and literal culinary feast. In true grassroots-oriented fashion, various Ottawa restaurants have applied to be vendors at the Expo.

Food lovers and bookworms alike are excited about the news. The Ottawa Book Expo has made sure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. It is always relaxing to find yourself amongst various literary works and it is even better to find yourself surrounded by multiple food choices.

Local restaurants will have the chance to serve and further commercially expose various food choices to inevitably hungry perusers. In addition to this, it is also inevitable to see non-bookworms join in the celebration simply for the food.

If you’re a restaurant in the Ottawa area and are interested in becoming a part of 2020’s literary and diverse pool of Canadian cuisine history, apply to be a vendor today! There is nothing more fulfilling than celebrating your roots while sharing a few bites of delicious food.

The Expo is a great way to catch the attention of foodies who may or may not be avid readers. The best way to spark a passion for books is often by allowing potential readers to connect with the authors on a personal level.

If you’re fed up with book expos only catering to already well-known authors and five-star restaurant choices, then you’ll love unplugging with the Ottawa Book Expo. Spend four days of uninhibited literary and culinary celebration in a truly immersive setting.
The non-profit celebratory event aims to use their expertise in the literary industry to boost local and other grassroots-oriented authors to achieve their goals. This includes bringing in major publishing players and experienced authors to bring in diversity and expertise.
A team of commercial giants with the sole goal of helping others achieve commercial success put the Ottawa Book Expo together. The Expo is a call for a thriving literary community in Canada and aims to inspire aspiring authors to pick up their pens and start writing.
The Ottawa Book Expo will undoubtedly be a fresh start for the cultural vitality of the local literary scene. It is even more impressive to consider that the organizers behind the Expo are prioritizing diverse literary works that tackle social issues head. Books with LGBTQ+, culture and explore diversity are highly sought after in the effort to bring refreshing knowledge and substance into the Expo.
The Expo aims to keep the literary community in Ottawa alive by empowering both aspiring and published authors to learn more about their craft and help them further succeed in the literary industry.
There will be multiple chances for authors to gain friendships amongst literary giants and starters in the field. In addition to this, authors can also gain experience in the frontlines of promoting their work.
The beauty of the Expo is that bookworms will be able to connect with the authors on a personal level. Usually, in settings like bookstores, it can be incredibly difficult for books to catch a reader’s attention.
The front-line commercial action allows authors to connect with potential readers themselves and convince them to pick up their books. Thanks to the Ottawa Book Expo’s focus on diversifying literary culture, it is guaranteed that there is something for everyone.
Whether you love food, books or both, you can’t deny that there is a certain allure to spending a whole day dedicated to unplugging yourself from the nuances of day-to-day life.
Surround yourself with books and food and discover something new and exciting. You can show up to just one day or all of them, the possibilities, as well as the knowledge to gain, are endless.

Grab a ticket now while you still can. Even if you don’t read a lot, you never know, you might discover a favourite new restaurant or a stunningly inspiring new book that pulls you inevitably into hundreds of worlds through literature.


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