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Vespa Tour Florence

Beyond incredible food and some of the best dark red wine the world has to offer, Italy is the birthplace to something else known worldwide; the Vespa scooter. This Italian branded scooter translates to “wasp” in Italian and for good reason. Hopping on one of these is a great way to buzz around the historic cities of Italy and through the rolling hills of the countryside either to or between one of the many Tuscany wine tours the region has to offer. Today we will look at the many things to consider and look forward to as you consider and prepare to Vespa tour Florence.

After growing popular in post-World War II Italy just as the automobile industry took a hit, Vespa scooters have always been known for their pressed steel, brightly colored paint bodies and flat floorboard for ample foot protection. Whether you’re on tour or renting them with friends, it is a great way to get a real feel of Italian culture and live as some of the locals have for their whole lives. As their company slogan exclaims, riding a Vespa is “not just a scooter, but a way of life.”

Chianti is one of the absolute best regions of Tuscany to plan your Vespa tour. When researching on how to Vespa tour Florence, make sure to start your search with options that cover this region. Heading out from Tuscany’s capital city of Florence, the Chianti wine countryside is just a short trek away through the scenic rolling hills you will find much of throughout the region.

Usually starting in the morning every day of the week, all of these tours offer both English and Italian speaking guides, with other languages potentially possible by request. As your Vespa tour carries on, you will be able to admire the sights, smells and sounds of Chianti in a truly one of a kind away and as native Italians have on a daily basis for years. Whether it be a work commute or everyday travel, seeing the Tuscan countryside by Vespa is a truly once in a lifetime experience than many outside of the region have never done. Once leaving the busyness of the city, Vespa scooter tours allow you to travel along the silent roads of the rolling vineyard laced hills that litter the Tuscany region. Along the way you will taste local products produced at local farms as well sample wines produced at local wineries. Expect to sample some of the very best wines Italy has to offer which you can expect to include but not be limited to varieties of Montepulciano wine, Chianti Classico (very local world favorite), other Chianti varieties, Brunello di Montalcino, Vin Santo, moscadello wine varieties and potentially Siena wine varieties. Not only do these tours offer food and wine samplings, but the chance to ride through medieval villages that date back centuries, right in the heart of Tuscany. One of the very best the region has to offer is a Vespa Tour Florence with Musement.

If this is your first time riding a Vespa fret not, here are some things to expect. If you don’t feel comfortable riding on your own, you can of course choose to ride with one of the company’s expert rider and tour guides. A valid driver’s license will be required and you must be a minimum of 18 years old to operate a Vespa. Just want to be a passenger? The age minimum for that is 13 years old. Helmets and a brief training course are of course included.

One of the most unique experiences and absolute best ways to get around the Tuscany region is to Vespa tour Florence. No experience on a Vespa is required whatsoever. Willingness to have fun however is!


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