John Summers: Ottawa Lawyer Fails To Verify Disabled Woman Not Being Held Prisoner

Get the book on John Summers HEREThis is a story of evil and profound injustice in the legal community.  Explore demonic minds in the legal community that include judges.

Do physically disabled people have a right to see who they want?

Or, can someone essentially seize control of a physically disabled person and block visitation access to them that the disabled person desires?

John Summers is one Ottawa lawyer who appears to have perpetuated abuse against a disabled woman in Ottawa. Since 12 June 2015, Dezrin's sought visitation access has been blocked by her abusive husband, and John Summers has used lies to perpetuate conditions of profound abuse involving psychological trauma for more than 500 days.

On 24 March 2017, Justice C MacLeod stated "I think it would be in everyone's best interest for there to be independent verification that she's not being held prisoner" at a Court Motion hearing in Ottawa.

Since that time, John Summers has failed to provide the requested information to the Court.

Help support petitions against John Summers and help support the liberation of Dezrin from abuse.


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