10 Best Legal Marijuana Products across Canada

Recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada in October 2018, since then the dispensaries across the country have been selling pot non-stop. Canadians who have since been patronizing these legal pot shops have come out online, to review and rank the various cannabis products.

In a new subreddit where cannabis-consumers can share information about specific products, pot consumers ranked the products. The products were ranked according to the number of votes received from users. The products which got the most votes, as featured on the MTL Blog, are as follows.

10. Moonbeam

This product is created by LBS and can be found on Cannabis NL (Newfoundland & Labrador). A customer reviewed the product as having small buds, being very dry and very expensive, however, it burns clean, smells nice and was overall a positive experience.

9. Meridian

This is produced by UP cannabis and available through the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC), the Alberta Cannabis Store, the Ontario Cannabis store, and the BC Cannabis Store. A customer reviewed this product as causing great highs, making him feel more relaxed and making his food feel better.

8. MK Ultra

This is produced by Namaste and available through the BC Cannabis Store, a customer said it was "...beautiful and very potent."

7. Super Sonic

This is produced by Symbl and available through the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) and the Ontario Cannabis Store. A customer, Frooby, quoted in the article, said, "Super dank earthy/piney smell, nugs are a little crusty but still sticky. I am in love with the colour and smell of this stuff as I haven't seen anything else quite like it. Really mellow for a sativa strain, so it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but it's nice for a tasty before-bed smoke."

6. Great White Shark

This is producedby San Rafael, available through the NSLC. This product was reviewed as having tight buds and not too dry. It was described as having a lemon and earthy musk, and causing a clear-headed and upbeat high.

5. Blueberry Seagal

This is produced by WeedMD and available through the Ontario Cannabis Store here. A reviewer in the article said, "This is probably the best one out of the bunch that I ordered. Still dry, but doesn’t crumble into dust when squeezed, has a decent blueberry smell to it as well. Not a bad taste, but nothing special, has a hint of blueberry and something else. Burns to a light grey ash."

4. Ghost Train Haze

This is also produced by WeedMD and available through the NSLC website. A customer described it as having strong effects, smelling sweet and gassy with a nice light grey to whiteish ash.

3. Lagoon

This is produced by HEXO and available through Quebec's SQDC. It was described as having a great taste with amazing effects.

2. Galiano

This is produced by Broken Coast Cannabis and available through the BC Cannabis Store. It was reviewed as having an excellent strain.

1. Quadra

This is produced Broken Coast Cannabis and available through the BC Cannabis Store here. A top review said "Spectacular!! Could be best body and mind flip I have had." GoBlueCdn


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