Humour can relieve stress in a big way

Stress is a big killer today. It’s a suffering that cannot be escaped at the best of times though there is a remedy for it – humour. If you know how to use humour to relieve stress, your life can feel a whole lot more rewarding.

The power of a laugh can relieve stress and has been medically proven to help medical patients. Humour for all its sarcastic and jovial edges has been viewed as a discovery in the world of health treatment.

Think about the last time that you laughed and almost split your sides. Humour used properly can help remove stress and unhappiness from the workplace or the home.

There are various methods. Look over the cartoons in newspapers and on television. Watch your favourite TV comedy particularly episodes on DVD or HD that you love as it tickles you silly.

Satire can be very rewarding in this way. Comedy brightens up your day. For me, all I need to do is watch an episode of Friends or Red Dwarf and any stress is flushed away as I became elated from the joy of laughter.

Humour is vital to your general well being as a smile leads to laughter and that in turn promotes an inner peace within yourself. Using humour to relieve stress is as effective as your daily vitamins to maintain a healthy body.

In the workplace, suggestions include a joke calendar and best joke of the day. As this instils happiness, the off-shoot of the activity results in boosted morale amongst employees.

Now, I am not saying that humour should replace your local therapist but what I am saying is that humour will assist you in staying happy and healthy. Humour is a refreshing chocolate ice cream for the soul. Don’t treat it as something degrading or insulting.

Many feel humour is a threat particularly where an embarrassing story may emerge. It feels then that the story is promoting laughter within a group at your expense. It’s best not to view it that way unless it’s an attempt to actually undermine you in some way.

Banter can be a funny event if it’s between friends whom understand each other and can share the experience of that particular story. You can be sure that someone else has an embarrassing tale to tell.

Do you have photographs of past events such as a holiday with friends and family? There will be some captured moments within those photos that will ignite your memory of that event.

It may be photos of a fancy dress party or a stag night. There must be a bunch of outrageously funny moments in those memories to discuss with your friends.

Using Humour to relieve stress is about connecting yourself with a happier place. It’s important to harness the power of humour to make light of any stressful events and brush it to one side. It works in sickness and in health.

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