Four New Wellness Methods to Better Your Life

People are beginning to consider nontraditional, new wellness techniques to augment their health regimen these days.  So while you can still touch your toes without too much strain, why not check out what all the fuss is about surrounding sound baths, crystals and cupping?  Even if you might not be too sure of  exactly what a ‘microbiome’ is, it probably won’t hurt to give some of these new health techniques a spin?

Here are four of the latest trends in wellness management that are becoming more and more popular.  They range in price from fairly cheap to nearly expensive and the results pretty much follow that same arc.  But, who knows, there might be a whole new health paradigm, personally suited to you, just waiting out there – you’ve just got to find it.

1. Onsen Bathing

Onsens are Japanese natural hot spring bathing facilities that contain a mix of 19 specific minerals.  The combination of these minerals and the high temperature of the water produce the wellness effect, also known as Onsen, which is characterized by a heightened state of harmony and a peaceful unity and conformity with nature.

Some of the other beneficial attributes of Onsen are natural skin care from the combination of minerals in the bubbling waters and respiratory advantages from the heat and salted vapors produced by the forceful action of the water turbulence.

2. Halotherapy Total Salt Immersion

If you suffer from asthma, chronic sinus infections, a cold or the flu, Halotherapy is the new wellness regimen for you.  This healing process is absorbed while prone, as still as possible, enveloped by a concentrated, sodium chloride, and aerosol environment in a Himalayan salt room. 

The room is normally lined with a pink stone veneer, consisting of granite from Tibet.  The floor has a thick layer of extremely fine salt crystals, sometimes as much as two-inches thick, which tingles your toes as you shuffle over to the Manduka mat and lie down for a blissful, half-hour nap.

The idea here is to quiet the mind and open your senses while the body takes over and tends to its respiratory needs.  This is a healing environment that can take one’s disquieted chemical imbalance and put it back into natural rhythm again.

3. Infrasonic Sound Healing

Adrenal fatigue is a condition characterized by symptoms like exhaustion, weakened immunity, sleep disturbances, and frantic food cravings.  It often results from repeated anxiety compulsions we all experience in our supercharged, stressful urban environment.  This environment of anxiety causes lower levels of essential hormones and neurotransmitters necessary to maintain our body’s chemical balance.

Infrasonic sound healing is a wellness therapy that reconstructs crucial human cells, without prescription drugs, and the detrimental effects on the kidneys, liver and other organs that so often accompany the use of such drugs.

The patient lies down on a low bed in a dark room, and high quality headphones are placed over the ears.  You don’t necessarily hear, but, rather, feel, an extremely deep drone that slowly increases in intensity.  The mattress that you’re lying upon also subtly begins vibrating, in sync with the audio amplitude.

This promotes a harmonious condition in which the body is coaxed into resetting its biorhythms, almost like an organic computer re-boot.  Patients usually fall asleep as the infrasonic healing program senses and delivers different vibrations in tune with your consciousness.  You enter an altered, parasympathetic state.

At the end of the session, most people emerge from the experience in a blissful state, claiming they’ve just had the most restful nap since early childhood.

4. Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

If you’ve been plagued by forceful, frantic mood swings lately, Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna might be just the right wellness method for you.  Those mood swings could simply be a symptom of poor circulation and the toxicity associated with restrained blood flow.

Like other sauna wellness therapy, the session takes place in a small, personal cedar-lined cube, where you lie down as still as possible and relax.  But there’s a big difference: instead of electric coils, infrared light is employed as the heat source.  The temperature is gently raised in tiny increments up to 158° Fahrenheit.

But the heat doesn’t feel nearly this intense because of infrared’s unique characteristic of warming you from the inside, out.  Nerve sensors in your skin do not respond as quickly to infrared heat.  Thus, you can endure higher temperatures for much longer in a wellness-inducing environment.

So, before marching down to the local psychiatrist for some therapy and Zoloft perhaps you should give full spectrum infrared sauna a try.

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