The Health Benefits Of Cannabinoids

Whilst it may, at first glance, seem contradictory to be discussing marijuana-based compounds and health benefits in the same article, two former sports stars—ex Philadelphia Eagle, Todd Herremans, and ex Philadelphia Flyer, Riley Cote—have been doing just that at a seminar on the benefits of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana has been legalized in over half of the states in the US, but there is still some conspiracy and uncertainty surrounding its use as a treatment. Two particular compounds, CBD and THC (cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol), are used in conjunction for the management of pain and for the associated mental health benefits.

420EDx hosted the seminar which was set up with the intention of promoting the facts about the use of cannabis and cannabinoids in a medicinal manner. The seminar was appropriately named, “An Athlete's Approach to Marijuana and CBD." The location for the meeting was at the Field House.

According to Phillyvoice, guests at the seminar would have the opportunity to get any of their own concerns regarding the use of medical marijuana answered by any of the passionate athletes in attendance whilst also having the opportunity to meet with marijuana experts, local marijuana growers and owners of the dispensaries which are now operating to handle and distribute cannabis-based medicines.

So why is so little known about Marijuana, and why the stigma still when its benefits are becoming increasingly talked about. Webmd believes that the biggest limiting factor is actually caused by US law itself. Since marijuana is still considered to be a Schedule I drug, on par with ecstasy and heroin, special licenses are required in order to be able to legally study it and its effects. Unfortunately, the US Drug Enforcement Administration did, at one point, consider dropping the level of marijuana from a Schedule I to a Schedule II drug, but they soon changed their mind and let it remain in the top band.  As such, it seems unlikely to assume that it will be lowered in grade at any point in the near future, meaning research on marijuana and its properties may still remain limited for quite some time.

However, the British NHS gives us the reassurance that there is still some hope in the near-future for the further development of medical cannabis. Recent, high profile cases of sick patients in the U.K. have led to cannabis oil (containing CBD, but not THC) beginning to go through the licensing system. This would lead to it being legalized for prescription in some particularly extreme cases which traditional medicines have been unable to cure, such as for severe epilepsy or for those having particularly violent reactions to chemotherapy as a cancer treatment. Further research overseas in the UK could be able to highlight benefits of cannabis which may urge the US Drug Enforcement Administration to reconsider its approach on downgrading marijuana.

For now, marijuana is fully legalized in Canada but only legalized in a set number of states in the US. Hopefully with further research, a safe way of administering it may be discovered which could allow for its distribution to those who need it most.


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