Facebook Bans All Content on Vaccine Awareness

Facebook has banned all speech that clarifies the real content of vaccines, including facts about vaccine ingredients, vaccine injury, and vaccine industry collusion. According to the report on Natural News,“ Facebook announced it would block all content on Facebook that questions the official dogma on vaccines, which falsely insists that vaccines have never harmed anyone (a hilarious lie), that vaccines contain only safe ingredients (a blatant deception) and that vaccines always work on everyone (another laughable lie).”

Assertions, such as the belief that vaccines have been linked to autism, are top on the list of the kind of speech recently banned by Facebook and being labeled as hoaxes and misinformation. Which begs the question, is it still a hoax if some top scientists at the Centre of Disease Control, have confirmed it?

An AFP report, states that "Monika Bickert, Facebook’s vice president for global policy management, said the social media network would reduce the distribution of false data and provide users with authoritative information about vaccinations.”

How does the general public determine what “authoritative information” really is? Is it the propaganda that the vaccine industry is pushing down the throats of the general populace, trying to suppress scientists who have been brave enough to warn the public about the toxic effects of vaccine ingredients such as Thimerosal (containing mercury), aluminium adjuvants, MSG, formaldehyde and other neurotoxins that are openly admitted by the CDC to be ingredients used in vaccines administered to children. It is been said that vaccines are so hazardous to human health, that the U.S. government has now paid out almost $4 billion in compensation to families of vaccine-damaged children. In spite of this, any mention of those government statistics which can be found openly published by HHS (VAERS.HHS.gov) will be falsely labeled a “hoax” by Facebook, since the vaccine industry untruthfully maintains that vaccines have never impaired anyone.

To back up these claims, the articles states that the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons have recently denounced mandatory vaccines, citing “no rigorous safety studies” and warning about vaccine industry corruption of science. Their statement as quoted on Natural Newsincludes the following:

  • Manufacturers are virtually immune from product liability, so the incentive to develop safer products is much diminished. Manufacturers may even refuse to make available a product believed to be safer, such as monovalent measles vaccine in preference to MMR (measles-mumps-rubella). Consumer refusal is the only incentive to do better.
  • There are enormous conflicts of interest involving lucrative relationships with vaccine purveyors.
  • Research into possible vaccine adverse effects are being quashed, as is dissent by professionals.
  • Vaccines are neither 100% safe nor 100% effective. Nor are they the only available means to control the spread of disease.

It is surprising that in spite of all this evidence, Facebook has still bannedconversations about vaccines. And it is suspected that the tech giant may have done this in order to appease the vaccine industry and cover up its wrongdoings.


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