Cancer Patients Say Cannabis Oil Cured them

Several cannabis oil cancer treatment success stories keep coming up in the media daily, however, for some reason, this treatment has failed to go mainstream. One reason why this is so is that, should this type of treatment become legally acceptable, big pharmaceutical companies would lose out on the billions of profits they make from the cancer industry. A lot of cancer survivors say they have found success using cannabis oil in conjunction with chemotherapy, while others say they have found it to be effective on its own, this goes a long way to show that the most conventional methodsare not necessarily the best way or the only way to solve a problem.
Natural News, tells the story of a 44-year-oldmother of two, Dee Mani, who was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer – the deadliest type of breast cancer in March 2017, her doctors suggested chemotherapy. At first, she agreed to undergo the one-year chemotherapy treatment, however, after watching her sister suffer and die after undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, Mani decided it was time to find an alternative.
Mani’s research led to her discovering cannabis oil while researching natural cancer remedies online. According to her, every night before going to bed, she would take one drop. She usually put these drops inside capsules because she discovered she didn’t like the taste and texture of the oil of its own. In August, just five months after starting cannabis oil, doctors gave her the all-clear, she was cancer-free. 

Even after curing herself of cancer, Mani continues to take cannabis oil to this day and says she plans to do so for the rest of her life, claiming that the oil has helped her through problems like insomnia, a dust allergy, and back pain caused by slipped discs.

Another example, also shared on Natural News, is the story of a 33-year-old U.K. father, David Hibbitt who is said to have cured a terminal case of colon cancer with cannabis oil after radiation, chemotherapy and surgery all failed him. At first, Hibbitt was not so pleased with the idea of taking cannabis oil for cancer, but when he was told he had just 18 months left to live, he decided to give it a shot. Hibbitt used a high-potency variety known as Phoenix Tears and claims that his pain just seemed to disappear; he now lives cancer-free.

Similarly, there is the case of 50-year-old Darren Miller, who was diagnosed with lung and pericardial heart sac cancer; he was given just a year to live, even with chemotherapy. Miller and his wife relocated to California, where it was legal to use cannabis oil for medicinal purposes. After just 7 months, he was free of cancer. He believes it was the combination of chemotherapy and cannabis oil that cured his cancer.
Regrettably, until this unconventional method of cancer treatment becomes more widely accepted, a lot of people who could have benefitted from it, may lose their lives simply because they were not aware of it.


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