The Coronavirus Agenda: What You Need To Know

The government is hiding a lot of information about the COVID 19 pandemic and the public needs to start digging up this information if they ever want to know the truth, says licensed emergency medicine doctor, Rashid. A. Buttar, who has been practising medicine for about 30 years.

The first coronavirus that was discovered in the 1960s and has been studied over 14, 000 times since then. In all these studies, the virus has never been seen to cause much of a problem and often been described as ‘not a big deal’ and very self-limiting.

However, in 2010-2011, patents of replications of the virus started to be discovered. Dr.Buttar, in an interview with TheDeenshowTV, notes that one can onlypatenta virus if it’s been changed, adulteratedor mutated, which means that the coronavirus was altered. The medical process used for adulterating such viruses is called gain-of-function. Of viruses, gain-of-function means, taking a virus with lower resistance and making it worse.

In 2013, the government passed a law to discontinue any gain-of-function studies, arguing that there is no reason to make a virus more resistant than it already is, however Dr. Anthony Fauci, the current director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases came along and made it possible for the research money on gain-of-function research to be diverted to Wuhan. Buttar believes that it is the continuation of this research that led to the formation of COVID 19.

According to Dr.Buttar, if you check the European Union patent database, you’ll find multiple patents of the coronavirus that has already been made, one of those patents were found and granted in Nov 2019, which was just before the first case of COVID 19 in Wuhan.Interestingly, this 2019 patent and other class of patents are owned by Pirbright, an institute funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

It is quite interesting, how Bill Gates, who is by no means a health or medical officer, has always been involved with virus research. According to Buttar, Gates“couldn’t keep viruses out of Microsoft but tries to keep viruses out of the human body. As if viruses need to be kept out of the human body. Humans depend on viruses to evolve.”

Bill Gates has given a lot of money to the CDC, WHO and many global health organizations in a bid to have a say in their research. He believes in population control and has talked about how vaccines are necessary to decrease the population.

Buttar accuses Gates of paying scientists to make the coronavirus worse, then being at the forefront of finding a cure and trying to force people to adopt this cure.

The UK changed its legislation on the 27th of April to reflect mandatory vaccines for everyone and the entire world would follow suit in no time.

It has become apparent that the cycle is to create a problem, try to find a solution to the problem and then force this solution on everyone.

Worse still, the truth about the COVID 19 virus is getting taken off the internet, and the government is making it hard for the public to have access to this information.Right now if you say anything about 5G on Facebook and Youtube your post would get taken down. These 5G-coronavirus videos hit millions of views before they get taken down because people feel the truth in these videos.

Buttar believes that there is a link between the 5G technology and the novel coronavirus and that the more the government rolls out the 5G technology, the more people are going to get sick, and then they would use mandatory vaccines to make people even sicker and continue to decrease the world’s population.

Obama had predicted that the 2009 HINI pandemic, was going to kill 60 million Americans but the real number of deaths ended up being 12,469 because no one took the vaccine. The public must also resist mandatory COVID 19 vaccines to prevent the government’s population control agenda.


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