COVID-19 and the unfolding of a genetically engineered agenda

The first step to get back to the normal that we seek is the planetary realization that our ultimate adversary are not "germs" but a well organized / well-financed criminal cabal that genetically engineered the prevailing pandemic.

The idea that the pandemic originated from poor hygiene at a Chinese market is an apparent fiction to divert you from the unsavoury truth of Global political and economic system that is run by psychopaths and for psychopaths.

When the virus was first officially detected in Wuhan, China the WHO took no containment measures against it. The Cabal that created the virus wanted it to spread with devastating results. Containment efforts were only made long after the virus became worldwide so the Cabal could use public health measures to support an authoritarian agenda.

The objective of this cabal is worldwide instability from the mass destruction of human lives, and they will not stop until either they have created their demonic dystopia or we the humans of this planet have brought them to justice through a Common Front.

Such a Common Front can only being after idealists on the so-called right who support 'free speech' and other civil liberties / freedoms and idealists on the so-called left who support human rights; social / racial justice unite against the COVID plot.

Read more about the COVID plot here and please circulate this post as widely as possible in your social media network if you endorse such a Common Front -


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