Ask your builder for eco-friendly materials

(NC) — By 2012, the building codes in many parts of Canada will be demanding greater energy efficiency with methods and materials. This requirement may be mandated, but if building a home, do speak to your builder about the right green options for you. Energy efficiency should start as early as possible once construction begins. For example, concrete walls are now replacing the old wood frame method. By choosing concrete, not only do you save forests and trees, you could realize savings up to 50 per cent on household energy bills. Take a look at for this Canadian advanced building method. When you opt for the faster, Nudura wall-building system of pre-assembled insulated concrete forms (ICF), your home stands to be stronger, provide greater safety, and more sound resistance – and is far less prone to mould, cold spots and drafts. Other green options to build value into your home are solar power, water management, drainage, windows, siding, heating/cooling, ventilation, electrical, and outdoor irrigation.


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