Berlin offers fabulous condo investment opportunities

When thinking of great European cities, many people will readily name London and Paris. But, there is one city that quickly emerging in consideration. That city is Berlin, the capital of Germany, and the evolving centre of the European Union. If you are in the condo market, why not consider Berlin. When you acquire a condo in Berlin, you will be acquiring one of the best condo investment opportunities anywhere in the world. The Berlin real estate market remains vastly undervalued in Europe, but is set to take off.

Berlin is a city of 3.5 million which has the vibrance of New York City, but with a much higher quality-of-living. Berlin is comparable to Toronto, Canada, based upon a Mercer Quality of Living Survey. Berlin is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. Around one third of the city's area is composed of forests, parks, gardens, rivers and lakes.

Berlin has become a continental hub for air and rail transport, and is a popular tourist destination. Significant industries include IT, pharmaceuticals, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, electronics, traffic engineering, and renewable energy. However, Berlin has also become a great centre of the arts, finance, and research, thanks to its great universities.

Once it’s opened in June 2012, Berlin’s BER airport will become a catalyst in a surging real estate market. You will not want to miss exploring this fabulous investment opportunity, if you are a savvy investor. Look away from getting a condo in places like Florida in the United States, which continues to experience market stagnation, and look to the great possibilities that Berlin can provide in the condo market. Whether you are searching for a condo or for more information about real estate, Ziegert Banking is uniquely positioned to be your ambassador to acquiring a piece of Europe.

Working with architects and developers from the very early stages, Ziegert Banking and Real Estate Consulting GmbH focus primarily on designing comfortable living spaces in eye-catching renovated buildings and new properties. These include amazing lofts and other kinds of condos.

Ziegert Banking and Real Estate Consulting GmbH has been active since 1985 and combines the services of a traditional real estate agent with that of a financial service provider. Since 1985, this German-based company has built up a good reputation, and has become one of the most well known and leading real estate service providers in Berlin. Thomas Schinabeck has lead the brand strategy for Ziegert Banking and Real Estate Consulting GmbH. His work has been further supported by Etienne Heinrich and Thomas Weyres in communications related areas.

Berlin has been an underdeveloped market because of its former isolation from the rest of Germany that was only lifted with the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. Today’s Berlin is no longer divided between a West and East Berlin, and is no longer surrounded by a communist East Berlin.

What was East Berlin in a communist East Germany has now become an area of tremendous real estate investment opportunity. Ziegert Banking and Real Estate Consulting GmbH offers you to become a partner in realizing the tremendous investment opportunity which Berlin represents. Ziegert Banking and Real Estate Consulting GmbH has many attractive condos for sale, having acquired for savvy investors some of the most prime properties for not only in Berlin, but also in Europe.

Are you concerned about getting a mortgage? Ziegert Banking and Real Estate Consulting GmbH can help you get the best rates that Europe has to offer, under a government that seeks to encourage new condo buyers who are from other parts of Germany and all over the world. Berlin’s cost of living remains surprisingly lower than other parts of Europe. The cost of properties in Berlin is less than half the cost of similar properties in far less attractive markets in Germany which include Hamburg and Frankfurt.

Prices in Berlin have been below those of Budapest, Prague and Warsaw and when compared with other Western capital cities Berlin appears remarkably inexpensive. Property is available in the German capital and had been reported to be less than 1,000 euros/m² (around £800/m²) which in the same report compares with London typically in excess of 6,000 euros/m² (around £5000/m²) or Paris at 6,000 euros/m² (£4,800/m²).

There is a healthy and competitive mortgage market available in Germany with English banks and the EU taking an increasing interest. Mortgages are fairly easy to obtain. Rates are the lowest anywhere, and can normally be fixed over several years.

Berlin offers many fantastic opportunities to purchase a freehold apartment and Ziegert Banking have years of expertise in property and condos for sale. Catering for both capital investment and live in properties, Ziegert Banking has a vast number of attractive opportunities for owner-occupiers and capital investors. You can choose between condos in central locations along old cobbled avenues or other condos for sale in new areas amid urban parks, lakes and fountains. Ziegert offers the best properties in Berlin in some of the greatest residential investment hotspots in Europe.


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