Realtors, Homeowners use advertorials to sell faster

Anyone can advertise their house for sale. Even a blind man. If you a real estate agent, or a homeowner, you might wish to consider whether you are utilizing the most effective strategies in trying to sell.

There is the well-known story of a man describing his home to a dinner party. He led them from room to room, talking about the light and warmth at various times of day, and spoke with regret about having to leave this wonderful environment. One guest was so intrigued by the love this man had for a house he could not see, that he asked to visit. He bought it, of course.

Real estate agents may know all the tricks of the trade when it comes to selling a house, but nothing matches the honest, practical, warts-and-all way in which each and every home-owner can describe what makes this particular house a home, and not just somewhere to live. This is impossible to do in a classified ad, or hard in a small display ad in a crowded marketplace publication.

The seller seldom gets to talk to the buyer before the deal is done, so how can the homeowner
sell their home?

There is a way. This is the advertorial. An advertorial is paid advertisement that looks as if it is an editorial. Few people are deceived into thinking that this is an unbiased third-party endorsement. Nor are they unaware that someone is trying to sell some product. Nevertheless, a well-written advertorial will grab the reader
s attention long enough to convey useful and relevant information about the product, in this case a house.

Every ad will mention a living room; only an advertorial can convey the message that the room is warm in winter and cool in summer because of the deciduous trees planted outside the large windows. Only an advertorial can mention that these windows have an extremely low U-factor. Only an advertorial can describe the view beyond the trees.

A few brave souls will want to write their advertorial themselves. They are still faced with the problem of placing it. The sensible approach is to enlist the aid of a specialist website like which has a skilled team of writers who produce advertorial copy that sells houses faster than you can say
Lets talk to the bank. These writers work with the homeowner to develop the content and they work with the realtor to place the advertorial in those publications where it will be seen by the greatest number of potential buyers.

It may take an experienced real estate agent to close the deal, but
s advertorials will undoubtedly pique the interest of many more buyers than the run-of-the-mill classified ad. The more interested buyers there are, the faster the selling process will be. As soon as you contact, call the movers.

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