Toronto: Oakville Home presents backyard to die for

$1,000,000 in Toronto will not buy you the house of your dreams unless Lady Luck is smiling upon you. One such house that has recently come on the market is located on 1328 Stanbury Road. Located in the heart of Oakville, the house is an absolute steal. While most homes within the area cost much more than that, this particular piece of property is meant to be sold quickly hence the incredible price tag. Peter Anderson of Re/Max Realty Specialist Inc is in charge of the property, which has been listed as ‘roomy Oakville home with a backyard nicer than some resorts’.

While it is a known fact that $1,000,000 will go along way within the suburbs, this home comes in handy for those who live within Toronto and want to avoid a long commute to their workplaces every single working day. Oakville has two train stops within the neighborhood thus taking care of the transport issue for those who are worried.

With a landscape that is extraordinary, there is no doubt that the previous homeowners really cared about the home. Oakville is also a nice neighborhood for raising a family, which is what makes the price tag quite unbelievable. Since the neighborhood is relatively dated with most of the homes there having being built in the 1960s, the property taxes are very affordable. As of 2012, the taxes are listed as being ‘$6,746.51 in taxes’.

The realtors also describe the home as having a master bedroom with a ‘bright walk-in closet and expansive windows to the backyard’. For lovers of long baths, this home is ideal because it features golden faucets on an over sized tub right in the master bedroom, something that is worth checking out.

For anyone who still doesn’t see the great deal offered on this home, maybe the presence of five additional bedrooms as well as five bathrooms may change your mind. The home also features two fireplaces, one garage, and an outdoor pool.

The interior of the home was made with the artsy homeowner in mind. The colors are very warm and the appliances quite top quality. For those who do not like the partly dated interior, a few renovations will take care of that

For most residents of Toronto, socializing is an important aspect of life. This is something that the builders of this home thought about. The design consists of a ‘huge entertainment area that spans the kitchen and dining room as well as a sunken living room with great views through floor-to-ceiling windows’. The fireplace in the living room will also act as a warm center point for friends and family.

There have been plenty of positive reviews about the Oakville property lending credence to its claim as’s ‘house of the week’. $1,000,000 has never been so worth it.


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