Florida Real Estate Buyers From Canada Reap Rewards

It is a better time than ever before for Canadians to buy Florida real estate.  In the following review, we explore the Florida real estate market, and how one real estate company is making a great difference to Canadians who are seeking to pursue Florida real estate options.

More than 500,000 Canadians now own property in what was one of the hardest hit U.S. states in the 2008 housing meltdown. Century21 Team Feltrim has been seeking to provide a lead role in helping Canadian s who are seeking great investment advice on Florida’s current real estate bonanza.  

Susan Pligg notes in the Toronto Star that Snowbirds have helped drive a Florida real estate comeback over the last two years.  There has been no better time for Canadians to buy  a Florida home than now.

“Canadians’ unrelenting passion for sun and sand has helped drive a 12 per cent increase in Florida real estate over the last two years, according to a BMO report,” writes Susan Pligg.

Canadians have already began to obtain great returns on their investment.

It is notable that Canadians are already seeing payback from their purchases, says the BMO Financial Group report that was released in mid-April 2013.

The price of a single-family home has climbed 12 per cent since April 2011, with the worst of the collapse now well behind the U.S., according to a recent S&P Case-Shiller study of U.S. house prices.

The apparent investment strategy among Canadians as described by Susan Pligg in the Toronto Star has been to scoop up real estate while it’s cheap and interest rates low and renting the properties out until they can eventually retire to Florida for winter or vacation there more often.

Century21 Team Feltrim provides further critical insights on the Florida real estate bonanza for Canadians.  Century21 Team Feltrim has sought to be a strategic partner for Canadians, and has made a great difference to Canadians who have embarked on pursuing  Florida real estate.

“The Property Market in Florida is flourishing and we are witnessing upcoming growth appearing all over the state.”

Century21 Team Feltrim describes its experience in helping Canadians pursue great home buying and other real estate investment opportunities in Florida.

“Century21 Team Feltrim specializes in helping international buyers who are interested in purchasing property in Florida. ..  Florida is one of the states that the sun is truly shining and Century 21 Team Feltrim Agents are here to help Canadians pick the perfect home.”

Century21 Team Feltrim provides a unique combination of services to Canadians.

“We are a ‘one stop shop real estate’ brokerage and a  full property management company. We have a number of agents on our team and we will work hard to match our Canadian friends with the agent that is perfect for their needs.”

Working together, Century21 Team Feltrim help clients find a property; compare them and then compile a unique wish list to find their perfect home.  The partnership ensures that clients enjoy invaluable choice and security.

Local knowledge and experience combines with international scale and reputation to deliver against a mission on a genuinely international level with “Best of Breed” policies in each area of the business.

Century 21 Feltrim has an array of residential products available now for the right buyer.

Do you wish that you could spend some more time in Florida? Purchase a vacation home for a spectacular price so you can have the Sunshine State at your disposal.

C21 Feltrim’s Real Estate Brokerage has everything you need to enjoy the Florida lifestyle. Plus, they offer full-service property management and maintenance so you can rent your property worry and hassle free.

In addition to looking to foreign buyers, Team Feltrim reveals that it has diversified to include not just buying and selling homes, but also managing rentals.

But, you might wonder, what does the “full-service” commitment that Century21 Team Feltrim entails?  Here’s the commitment that Century21 Team Feltrim provides to Canadians.

“We can find a rental investment property for you, rent it out and maintain it for you. From long-term rentals to short term vacation rentals, Team Feltrim does it all. If you already have a rental property, but can’t get it rented or are out of town too often to maintain it, Team Feltrim can do it for you.”

By getting all your real estate purchasing and management in one place you can save time and money. Instead of paying fees to a broker, a management company, and maintenance company, you have only one company to deal with.

Century21 Team Feltrim prides itself on being a company that Canadians and other international buyers can trust , as they further elaborate in our interview about their services.

“Backed by Century 21’s long history of being a community-involved company, Team Feltrim is a trustworthy, experienced group. Many agents have been selling for 10 or 20 years.”

A client who we will call “David” describes her experience working with Christine Malpica who is a Century21 Team Feltrim  agent.

“To anyone who is considering purchasing or selling real estate in Central Florida I would strongly recommend that you contact and work with Christine Malpica. I contacted several estate agents before I decided to work with Christine. What I was looking for in a Realtor I believe you would also want in your real estate professional, someone who has high energy, works non-stop, is driven, is tenacious and obviously loves the chase of finding properties and connecting buyers and sellers to achieve mutual goals.”

Century21 Team Feltrim’s customer service approach was evident in Anita further testimony of her experiences with this critically acclaimed real estate company.

“When I worked with Christine I lived over 3000 miles away and we worked on the phone, email, and fax to find properties that met my profile. Christine was driven to supply me with the best possible matches... When she found a suitable property she would take pictures and video of the property then email them to me. It was an incredible extra step that helped me secure the property I was looking for.”

David further elaborates on just how hard Century21 Team Feltrim can work for you.  

“If you want results in this tough economy, if you want to purchase or sell your property, rest assured that Christine Malpica would be a great choice to meet your needs and goals. Christine is personable, professional and self-driven to assist you in your search.”

David describes Century21 Team Feltrim’s strong customer service orientation which is second to none in the Sunshine State.

“What I found out about Christine is that she was excited to assist in helping meet my needs. I believe Christine had as much joy in my success as I did and she will do the same for you… If you would like a personal touch call Christine Malpica, you will be glad you did”.

Contact Century21 Team Feltrim today for more information and to speak to one of their qualified agents! The call is toll-free to you.  You have everything to gain from making that call.

Century 21 Team Feltrim
116 Polo Park East Blvd
Davenport, FL 33897
Toll-free  1-866-668-8326
Email: info@c21feltrim.com


While Canadians accounted for almost 40 per cent of all real estate purchases in Florida in 2010, Susan Pligg in the Toronto Star further reports that they are now facing stiff competition from Asian buyers and domestic investment companies that have been scooping up hundreds of Florida’s remaining distressed properties in the last year or two, sensing that the market is poised for a major comeback.  

Canadians who seek to capitalize on the Florida real estate bonanza should therefore act today.  An anticipated new Chinese immigration surge will apparently make it increasingly difficult to find formerly bankrupt development projects and properties under or just over $100,000.

Century 21 is one of the world’s largest residential real estate sales organizations. C21 is comprised of 7,600 independently owned and operated franchised broker offices, 112,000 agents in 72 countries and territories worldwide. They are recognized as a leader in e-marketing and have received numerous awards. 


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