Interior Decorating: Take boring out of the bathroom

(NC) -- It shouldn't be so, but the bathroom is often the most neglected room in the house design-wise. It should be bright and welcoming, warm and relaxing. Is it time for you to take action? Here are some considerations:

• Too often, in small bathrooms, there's just one small light shining from above, throwing more shadows than light. Changing the light fitting or bulbs to create more light is a start; better, is installing wall lights on each side of the main mirror.

• Simply replacing the shower curtain can make a big difference. Depending on your personal style, you can hang a splash of colour or try for elegance, or an illusion of elegance. There are many fabrics to choose from.

• What's going on behind the curtain? Is the shower experience all it should be? Changing the showerhead doesn't always require a plumber. Fit a rainforest head for a generous all-over soak: a power-boost spray will wake up your senses. Or you can keep the family happy with a multi-function showerhead head such as the American Standard Flo-Wise, which has three different spray patterns and can cut down on water consumption.

• New towels can dramatically change a bathroom. Fluffy towels in white and neutral colours will bring a hint of spa into your home. If there are youngsters around try vibrant colours and over-the-top patterns. Is there space for an electric towel warmer?

The typical powder room doesn't have a lot of space – just enough for the essentials. But it's an opportunity to create a small showplace on an affordable budget. American Standard suggests the essentials with their Ravenna Pedestal Basin and Tropic Cadet Pro collection – a pedestal hand basin, a tall, slim, faucet and a toilet sharing the same pared-down elegance, plus a few accessories set between gleaming white walls.

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