Interior Decorating: Find comfort in collections for the bathroom

(NC) -- Just like the fixtures and furnishings they select to express their personal look, homeowners come in different styles. There's the eclectic, who like a bit of everything; the cutting edge, who find comfort in being different than everyone else, but most could be called collection fans, because they value interiors that are comfortably co-ordinated in a single style.

That's why collections are so popular. Selecting from a collection allows you to create that look in any room. A pedestal sink with exactly the right faucet in a powder room; a practical but still on-style undermount sink for the family bathroom; a show-piece shower install in the ensuite bathroom; and toilets that offer high performance – but still with that special co-ordinated style.

A good collection will have something of everything, plus consistent characteristics that work in a variety of situations. Simone Abele, the vice president of marketing at American Standard in Canada, knows a good collection when she sees one. She recommends Boulevard.

“The main reason for the line's popularity is its good looks, that adapt beautifully to many different settings. We label Boulevard as “transitional” in style. Transitional can quickly become classic, or 1930s Bauhaus, or mid-century modern. The comfort level remains the same, whether in a luxurious master bathroom or a petite powder room.”

The look can be found in a range of fixtures: pedestal sinks, under and over the counter basins, one and two-piece toilets, faucets, shower systems, and more.

“It's a great choice,” says Abele. “A collection that will stand the test of time, I would say.”

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