Gardening: Five lawn tips to make others green with envy

(NC) -- Every block has one: the impeccably manicured, abundantly plush, flawlessly green lawn. It's the envy of everyone on the street, but this year, it can be yours.

“Anyone can have a great looking lawn if they apply the right tools, practices and materials,” says Scott Ride of Husqvarna, a company known as the world's largest producer of outdoor power products.

“These tips from the pros,” says Ride, “will make sure that the grass stays greener on your side of the fence:”

Mow frequently with sharp blades: Frequent cutting forces your turf to grow thick, keeping out weeds. Keep your mower's blades sharp so the grass doesn't become bruised and susceptible to disease. Sharpening can be done at any Husqvarna dealer.

Pay attention to the weather: Dry spells and rainy periods mean different routines for your lawn. Weather can be unpredictable. Monitor the weather for extreme heat waves or mass rainfall so you can adjust your lawn routine accordingly.

Avoid watering at night: Be sure to let the grass dry out before the dew falls, as extended moisture invites disease. The best time to water is pre-dawn or early morning.

Keep it long: You may think that a quality-looking lawn has to be short, but keeping your grass around 5-9 cm will keep the soil cooler, keep it moist longer, and encourage deeper root penetration.

Avoid over fertilization: Many home owners use fertilizer liberally, even when they don't need it. Over fertilization can shock your grass and burn the roots, use it sparingly on problem areas or try a slow release, or natural fertilizer.

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