Home Security: Top Ten Tips for Your New Home

(NC) – Moving to a different neighbourhood is an exciting adventure, but it's also a stressful time as we check off, one by one, all of the tasks necessary to turn a new house into a home. Be sure to add security measures to your list say advisers in this field.

Police investigations show that many intruders actually have a key. Always assume that several other people probably have a key to your new home, therefore replacing the entry locks as soon as possible is as important as hanging the drapes, placing the furniture in your rooms, and purchasing decor enhancements.

Take a look at this handy Top 10 checklist, courtesy of Schlage, a leading name in door security hardware:

1. Examine all doors and windows to make sure the frames are sturdy and reliable. Get them fixed if they are in need of repair.  

2. Change the exterior locks with the most advanced deadbolts and front entry handlesets available. The new ANSI Grade 1 Touchscreen Deadbolts operate by simply entering a code to lock and unlock it, no keys required. Fully-loaded features include the auto-lock option, built-in alarm, kick-in and anti-pick resistance. This electronic deadbolt is smart as well. Once synced wirelessly with a Z-wave service provider, it will give you a menu of home control from your web-connected devices.

3. Tour the new house with a critical eye looking for broken or aging door frames, flimsy window locks, and broken locks. Even the most beautiful locks can be quite affordable.

4. If the house has an alarm system, change the access codes and advise the alarm service of your new ownership. Did you know that the most advanced electronic deadbolts come with a built-in alarm? See schlage.com.

5. Walk around your yard at different times of the day to judge shadows, deterrent lighting, and the safety of entering and exiting from different doorways.

6. Sensor lights or dusk-to-dawn lighting deters criminals while you're sleeping.

7. Trim back bushes and trees to prevent thieves from hiding. Store ladders in a locked garage immediately.

8. Hire only accredited tradespeople to work on your home; ask for their credentials and references.

9. Find out emergency service phone numbers and locations.

10. Join the local neighbourhood watch.


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