Turn your home from bland to grand -- colour trends

(NC) -- Looking to add a pop of colour to basic home décor…or transform tired-looking elements in your home? You don't have to buy something new to incorporate the latest style and colour trends into your home. All you need is a little spray paint and inspiration from the colour and design experts at Krylon.

“The Krylon colour trends for 2014 are based on the curious, optimistic attitude of society today,” says Sue Wadden, colour marketing and design manager at Krylon. “In spite of pressures and priorities, our spirit of adventure has been restored. We are ready to go, moving forward boldly to welcome new and renewed possibilities. And so our colour choices are recharged with innovative combinations.”

According to Wadden, the new 2014 colour trends include:


Today's culture is again intrigued by, and in tune with, nature. We admire it, play in it and protect it. Whether it's an organic garden to tend or a wooded path to discover, the environment grabs our attention in new ways. Featuring colours harvested from field and forest, the Grounded trend includes earthy greens, browns and golds.

Colours in the Grounded palette include: Bauhaus Gold, Burgundy, Pebble, Italian Olive, Celery, Bahama Sea and Pewter Gray.


The Fuse trend celebrates the fusion of global cultures with bright, bold colours reminiscent of tribal textiles and crafts. They all come together in the melting pot of the new millennium. Proud traditions find a place alongside new interpretations of our heritage as races and cultures collide in wonderful, colourful ways.

Colours in the Fuse palette include: Mambo Pink, Pumpkin Orange, Emerald Green, Sun Yellow, Global Blue, Pistachio and Hunter Green.


In our current culture we no longer think we know it all, but we certainly want to. We have more interests, bigger imaginations and lots of questions. We look high and low for answers, including the vast reaches of cyberspace. Our searching has found deep, mysterious blues and surprising bright colours, which are all reflected in the Quest trend.

Colours in the Quest palette include: Watermelon, Navy Blue, Blue Ocean Breeze, Citrus Green, Iris, Sea Glass and Coral Isle.

State of Calm

Today things move quickly and with purpose. There is so much going on that sometimes we want to turn off. We retreat and recharge in quiet spaces surrounded by peaceful thoughts and mere whispers of colour. The State of Calm trend reflects undemanding colours - from soft pinks and whites to subdued grays and browns.

Colours in the State of Calm palette include: Catalina Mist, Brown Boots, Sweet Cream, Ballet Slipper, Oxford Blue, Classic Gray and Dover White.

Many of these colours are available in Krylon's popular ColorMaster line of spray paints, with select colours also being included in other Krylon product lines such as Dual Superbond Paint + Primer and Fusion Paint for Plastic. For more information about Krylon, and additional resources for choosing the perfect colour, visit www.krylon.ca.


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