Homeowners are warned of door-to-door dangers

(NC) -- Be on guard when answering the door, especially if you're home more often during the holidays. Door-to-door salespeople are aware that homeowners are more likely to be taking time off from work during this time.

“Door-to-door salespeople may look for new ways to take advantage,” says John Macdonald, president and C.E.O. of EnerCare Inc., a leading provider of energy efficient products including water heater rentals. “Homeowners may encounter an increase in the number of people ringing their doorbell with something to sell.”Historically, police have received complaints of door-to-door water heater salespeople talking their way into family homes. Past complaints have included salespersons telling the homeowners that they are a representative of Direct Energy, a government agency, or a utility, and require access to the home to inspect the water heater. It is important for consumers to know that none of these organizations promote the exchange of water heaters door-to-door.

Police also request that we talk to our elderly or vulnerable family members and friends about being alert to salespeople and these sorts of tactics.

Here are some key warning signs to be aware of at the door:

• Claiming they are from your current water heater provider, utility or local municipality;

• Pressuring you to sign a contract;

• Refusing to leave materials behind;

• Requesting to see your current bills;

• Offering a free water heater replacement or upgrade.

Additional information is available online at www.enercare.ca/door-door-sales.



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