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“She’ll redecorate your home from the cellar to the domeand then go on to the enthralling fun of overhauling you!”(Henry Higgins in Lerner and Lowe’s “My Fair Lady”)

The fears of Henry Higgins may now become reality for you, dear readers, whose lives and homes might be turned upside down by what I hope to teach you about protection from electropollution that invades us all without our knowledge or consent. As promised last month: the answer to bad technology is good technology, and there is lots. Here are two compelling reasons to act on this information.

Firstly, the symptoms of electropollution-induced sickness involve all organs with many debilitating symptoms, from skin rashes to cancer; they are part of the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) spectrum. In fact, Dr. William Rea of the American Academy for Environmental Medicine became EMF sensitive himself from the operating room lights used when he was still a surgeon. Today, treatment of EMF sensitivity is as much a part of the work and training of AAEM-trained doctors as is everything involving environmental chemical toxins. The symptoms of environmental illness provide potentially inexhaustible revenues for Big Pharma and related industries. Your personal descent into a nightmare – be it by cell phone or lawn pesticides – is a dream come true for a business that treats only symptoms, rarely causes. Recovering from encounters of the EMF kind is not only a personal achievement but can be a public service: you speak truth to the power of phony medicine that grows and profits by sickness.

Radiation in very low, non-thermal levels, can cause:
– neurological damage (migraines, anxiety, muscle and joint pain, memory loss, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, insomnia);
– flu-like symptoms (muscle spasms, etc.);
– cardiac problems (palpitations, chest pain, blood pressure irregularities, shortness of breath, arrhythmias, strokes);
– respiratory distress (asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia);
– dermatological symptoms (skin rashes, facial flushing from computers and lamps, itchy skin, swelling of face or neck);
– ophthalmological distress (burning and pressure behind eyes, cataracts especially in one eye first, increased light sensitivity).

Then there are thyroid problems with weight gain and hair loss, swollen lymph nodes, bleeding ears or nose, frequent urination, constant ringing in the ears, night sweats, pain in teeth with mercury fillings which act as conductors, and finally very specific cancers, especially gliomas – two thirds of which are attributed to wireless gadgets, especially cell phones.

If I paired up the drugs listed in the CPS (Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties) meant to treat all the above symptoms by conventional standards, I would need all its 2,800 pages. Almost all of these drugs (with some exceptions) “make the sick get sicker quicker”, as Dr. Sherry Rogers of the AAEM says. If you don’t check for EMF pollution first, you will be drugged accordingly, stress your liver even more, run up Medicare costs without getting better, and overtax your doctors who are unlikely to tell you to do an electropollution housecleaning.

Secondly, this zapping of people and animals must stop. The injured consumer and liability law may succeed in doing so. This invisible poison wrecks human brains, causes sperm to deteriorate, ovaries to malfunction, and fetuses to die. So, there goes the human race, and for what? For snazzy communication conveniences that could be made without genocidal side effects? All of this shocking information is available on PubMed – the international repository of mainstream medical research.


Fatigue and headaches, infertility, and your kids’ ADHD are likely caused by your home, school, or office environments, which have become EMF central. Your DNA and every cell in your body is stressed out as glutathione and melatonin production decrease and cell membranes become porous and leak calcium. Here is a summary of the strategies currently known to clear electropollution from the home.


Any cord that has a two-prong plug is not OK because it isn’t grounded, so your body acts as the conducting ground for its radiation. In the E.U., nothing is two-pronged! Your metal coil mattress on a metal frame is the most likely cause of disturbed sleep, stiff neck, and leg cramps. Align a compass with magnetic North away from the bed, then walk slowly towards it, and you will see that the needle will be unable to maintain its position above the bed.

All the cells in your body are aligned North-South, but they can’t work properly if you sleep on a metal coil bed and are chronically stressed while you sleep. Repair and immune work is supposed to happen during sleep, but it can’t because in addition to all cells being out of synch with the Earth’s health-promoting magnetic field, melatonin production is impaired by all these gadgets whose electromagnetic pulse is amplified by the coils in the mattress and the metal frame. When the body’s melatonin production is impaired, insomnia results in the short term, and cancer in the long term.

Remedial action: Replace your bed with a wood frame and a foam or cotton mattress. (Visit Dormio Organic Beds at If you have become extremely sensitive, you need a radiation-protective canopy (only the Swiss products are reliable). And the advice to sleep with your feet facing south is given in old medical textbooks including Osler’s. This is also recommended by Chinese medicine practitioners. However, if your bedroom has digital gadgets (clock, TV, cell phone, portable phone, baby monitor, lap-top on standby, and the rest of the deadly WiFi stuff), sleeping north to south won’t make any difference. It’s all got to go out of the bedroom and then N-S orientation may have a beneficial effect – which by the way is not just an opinion but can be objectively measured with a body voltage meter, as I have done.


That electric cooking range is literally a pain, as is the blender. I always wondered why I was dead tired before my parties had even begun. I was zapped from standing at my electric stove, which resulted in my sleepwalking through years of family events with a smile and a handful of Advil in my system to control terrific headaches. (I eat organic, so my liver let me get away with it.) I now cook on a fully vented gas stove. (I had to get rid of my original gas stove 16 years ago because it was poisoning me with carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. At that time, venting hoods were not mandatory and pilot lights were permitted. The irony is that I ended up trading gas poisoning for EMF radiation when I got a new electric stove.) Now that I have a fully vented gas stove, and no longer exposed to EMFs while cooking, I am actually present in mind and body and undrugged at family gatherings!

That microwave oven will radiate you within 9 feet, and wrecks the nutrients in your food. (In my view, it’s smart to dismantle your microwave before discarding, so nobody thinks they found a treasure.)

And the telephone’s sound-amplifying magnet kills off brain cells – not as badly as cell phones though; blurred vision and earache is often the first sign of intolerance. Use the speaker phone. Your metal-base office chair, and metal filing cabinet and window frame, if in direct line with a cell phone tower, cause EMFs to bounce around and penetrate you in front of a computer which (God forbid!) may be equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Those EMFs take you in their stride as a conveniently conducting bag of water. I now use a wooden chair and desk and no metal filing cabinets are nearby.


You wash your dishes under a fluorescent tubelight, while the washer and dryer hum nearby; then you attempt to relax with a book, but your reading lamps have energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs radiating at carcinogenic levels. Remedial action: Switch to old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs. Re-wire your lamps, kitchen, and office equipment with sheathed three-prong plugged cords that ground them.


Even if all appliances and lights are off, dirty electricity radiates through the house from wiring in the walls which may be too close to water pipes, increasing conductivity.

In regards to your Smart Meter, it may be located on the bedroom wall and next to your water tank; these meters are as harmful as all the inappropriately wired gadgets in your entire house combined because they also attack building materials. Canada’s building codes require taking natural, atmospheric radiation into account with building materials and construction, but ignore wireless technology. This EMF radiation is pulsed radiation which cycles billions of times per second. It hits the molecules of building material on a micro scale, which causes cement deterioration in particular. (Andrew Michrowksi is one of the experts in this area and has testified before various panels on it, and also presented on this effect on building materials at the Total Health Show, and at the 2010 Whole Life Expo.) In California, a dam collapsed because of Smart Meters; in B.C., fires have started in buildings and were proven to be caused by multi-Smart Meter panels.

In the extended resource section to this article is a reference to the letter which the building code experts sent to BC’s government stating that the lack of appropriate regulation of Smart Meters is also able to cause “electromagnetically induced earthquakes” – this isn’t a metaphor, and on the western edge of this continent, it is a very dangerous thing to mess with. All of this is bad for health.

Remedial action: Dirty electricity problems are solved with Graham / Stetzer filters. Your body heaves a sigh of relief when these are plugged into outlets. And relocating Smart Meters to a safe distance from your house (more viable in rural areas) requires a fight, but you are legally entitled to protection from them (see extended resource list). You can have them moved at your own cost. As well, shielding materials (metal plates, radiation-repellant paint, curtains) are available for apartments, subdivisions, and city homes. (See Resource List.)


Now to what we can no longer imagine being without: television, cell phones, and computers. Last summer, the World Health Organization included wireless technology in its list of Group 2B carcinogens, so I am allowed to pontificate! If at all possible, do not use a cell phone. I no longer do. People in some professions must use them, so turn them off when not in use, and don’t wear them on your body – try to keep a three foot distance. Always use earphones or ear buds (not wireless devices which defeat the purpose) and never hold those devilish gizmos next to your brain because it increases the risk of brain tumours. A brain once lost is gone forever.

For computers, Steve Jobs of Apple came to the rescue! My headaches had become so unbearable, I could only stand to work at my computer for about two hours daily. Then I found the low-radiation Apple Mini computer. While the computer wire is regrettably two-pronged, the hard drive of the Mini can be placed at a safe distance of 3 feet, and the large screen which does not radiate at all is okay at 3 feet anyway. No more pain! I no longer need computer glasses, my vision doesn’t blur, and even my need for reading glasses is diminished. In regards to laptops – when my husband began to experience headaches with his laptop, he replaced it with the current Apple-All-In-One desktop, equally low in radiation. They tried to sell him the wireless keyboard and mouse – but he knew better. As for laptops – never put them on your lap (they’ll zap your gonads), and never use when plugged in, only on battery! So the safest way to use a laptop is to place it on a desk, sit 4 feet back, and run it on battery mode and use a separate keyboard which has zero radiation. When the battery runs down, plug it in to recharge and stay 9 feet away during recharging.

We never watch television. My last TV experience was when Clinton was sworn in the first time; before that I watched the Berlin Wall fall. We love movies though. The flat LED screens give the least radiation exposure if one sits 6 feet away from the DVD player. For people with children it is vital to know that baby monitors, wireless toys, and video games are a hazard. Bio-engineer Robert Steller summarizes: “You can have everything, you just cannot have wireless in any form whatsoever.” With fiberoptics and far-infrared communication technology now taking over, industry is beginning to clean up too.

However, any electropollution clean-up is only reliable if you use body voltage and gauss meters. Then everything is objectively verified in your specific circumstances. (See extended resource list for sources of meters.)


Those who have become ill as a result of electropollution must obey the fundamental rule of environmental medicine: avoidance. A person with liver disease from alcohol or chronic acetaminophen use may recover, but cannot go back to the booze or the drug. So firstly, all of that aforementioned remedial work must be done. Life flourishes only if we adapt to the requirements of nature. But the injured body must be healed as well, and here the simple rule is to ask: What is missing and must be supplied to serve the healing process? This is very different from: What is the symptom and how can we silence it?

EMF damage caused by technology separates us from the life-sustaining and healing electromagnetic field activity of the earth. The UK’s Andrew Goldsworthy informed our Standing Committee on Health in Ottawa in April 2010 that wireless technology causes damage in two ways:

1) The first is damage to the cryptochrome pigment which in many animals controls navigation and in humans controls circadian rhythms and the immune system also via melatonin production in the pineal gland in the brain.

2) The second is damage to the membrane of every cell, which interferes with calcium efflux. Cryptochrome and melatonin function in harmony with, and are dependent on, the earth’s electromagnetic properties. EMF interference leads to DNA damage, loss of fertility, and many illnesses including cancer. Download Goldworthy’s testimony to our MPs which hopefully scared them appropriately.

The four pillars of recovery are avoidance, detoxification, nutrient supplementation, and getting back into synch with the earth through grounding and pulsated electromagnetic field therapy.

AVOIDANCE: means a radical clean-up, and clean-up alone stops the damage and gives healing a chance.

DETOXIFICATION: addresses removal of conductive heavy metals in the body, most efficiently done by metal-free dentistry and long term daily coffee enemas (these are key also to the cancer protocols of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and the Gerson Institute). Coffee enemas can switch off those terrible EMF-caused headaches in minutes, while boosting glutathione production by several hundred times and safely removing heavy metals.

SUPPLEMENTATION: Glutathione should be taken orally together with selenium, potassium, magnesium oxide and citrate, and vitamin C (to bowel tolerance, ie. keep increasing the dose of vitamin C until you get diarrhea, and then lower the dose to just below that level). Glutathione is the most important antioxidant and detoxifier our body produces, and is required for all metabolic processes. Melatonin by mouth can restore sleep, and L-Ornothine is helpful for clearing up brain fog and dizziness. To boost what has been depleted, eat organic food and consume fresh squeezed juices. You can discuss all this with doctors trained by the AAEM or who are members of the OMA Section of Complementary Medicine, as well as naturopaths.

PEMD: Recently, I discovered pulsated electromagnetic field therapy which I believe is as important to health as any new breakthrough in the past 100 years, and is supported by over a thousand double-blind placebo-controlled studies. This technology allows health to be restored by using the electromagnetic activity in our bodies in resonance with the earth to promote healing at all levels. Electromagnetic field devices such as “intelligent Magnetic-Resonance-Stimulation systems” (iMRS) can be purchased for home use, or you can visit a health professional for a session (see resource list). My October 2012 article will be devoted to it. In the meantime, more information can be found at:

Acknowledgements: Heartfelt thanks to Robert Steller, Andrew Michrowski, and Kevin Byrne – all of whom worked together to make our house and cottage safe. Special thanks also to Marcel Wolfe and Maya Fabiszack for introducing me to Pulsated Electromagnetic Field Therapy, and Liala Epstein of EarthCalm who helped during my recovery.

(Ed note: This is the second of a 2-part series on Electropollution. The first part, which ran in March Vitality, focused on why our world is electropolluted.

Note: Below is a short version of the Resource List. If you wish to view the EXTENDED version, click on:



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