5 Tips to Make Your Home Comfortable for Little Money

Like the way your home looks but you feel like something is missing? You really don't know what is the problem. Maybe you need to do little experiment to see what matches what. For some changes and freshing up the place you don't have to spend a lot of money or this changes have to be permanent. Here are some tips to make your home comfortable for little money.

1. Oh, those lights

Lots of people in their homes have those lights that are just too bright and sometimes your eyes hurts. White lights get a sense of being in some institution or worse, your job. You can buy new lightballs which will bring some warmer light or you can buy a little lamp you can turn on in the evening. That is perfect for your living room.

2. Roses are red, violets are blue

You should consider buying some flowers for your kitchen window or your book shelf in bedroom. Flowers bring calmness into the space. If you don't have time to take care of flowers you can go to florist and ask for some flowers that are not needy. Also, you can choose some colorfull flower pots.

3. Pads, pads baby

If you have some old couch but don't have money to buy new one you can always buy some cushions. Than your couch will look less old and less naked. You can even make pillow cases by yourself from old jeans or dresses. More color, more fun.

4. You don't have to knock the walls down

Everything you have to do is paint them. Choosing the right paint for your space can be hard. Lots of people just pick their favorite color and than they are not happy because it doesn't work with the space. My advice is to choose some warm, not too dark colors that will warm things up.

5. Red carpet, or maybe white one?

Carpets are not important anymore and lots of people are trying to avoid them. I understand it but some little carpet under your work or living room table is good solution for making your space comfortable, and your feet aswell.


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