Your Step-by-Step Guide to Selecting the Best Garage Door for Your Needs

The garage door was, decades ago, considered only a necessary part of the garage, to provide security and protection, but for little other purpose. Modern living has changed all that, however - manufacturers understand that it is such an important part of the façade of the home that they have come up with numerous innovations to ensure it not only provides plenty of protection and security, but also that it looks great, is durable, and is easy to operate.

Though these innovations are very beneficial, it can be a little hard to decide which kind of garage door fits best with your home and your lifestyle. How do you choose, considering there are so many options? Here’s your step-by-step guide to selecting the bet garage door for your needs.


The material will make a huge impact on your budget, your design, your maintenance requirements, your insulation, and the durability of your garage door – it should be one of your primary considerations. Steel is a classic, and can be painted (even designed) in any way you want, but it tends to bruise on impact. Aluminium is cheaper but even more susceptible to denting. Wood is the best material for insulation and has that classic look, but it requires more maintenance. There’s also fiberglass, which is lightweight and great for coastal areas (as it’s resistant to salty air) but it tends to cost more and has less insulation quality.


The style of your house will also play a major part in your decision making process – you want something that fits with the décor, as the garage door is often a large part of the home’s façade.


Ensure that your garage door is installed properly. There are many technological advances you should consider, especially when it comes to safety and comfort. Automatic door opening, security features, and obstruction recognition are just some of the features to look at.


Ensure the colour complements your home and blends in with the overall scheme. It’s a good idea to match it with the colour of your windows rather than the front door.

There is, of course, also your budget to consider – though it’s good advice not to be too stingy and to consider the expense of the garage door as an investment, as the experts from DoReMi Garage Door Repair will attest. Not only will a great garage door give you all the protection and comfort that you require, it will make your house look better and increase the value of your home – not to mention save you much money in terms of maintenance – as well. Your garage door is an important part of your home; take your time and look round carefully for the one that fits you best.


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