5 tips to help keep your home safe without sacrificing your privacy

(NC) Dangers to our homes are a year-round risk, whether it’s frozen pipes bursting in the winter or an intruder sneaking in while you’re on vacation during the summer. Fortunately, there are many smart devices that can safeguard your property.

  1. Home security system. While some systems have been found to have spying cameras and data breaches, one with secure networks and devices can protect your home from intruders, fire, flood, carbon monoxide and more. Look for a provider that keeps customer privacy at the forefront and has been in the security business for a long time, like ADT.
  2. Remote lighting and electrical control. With a remote lighting control, you can turn on the lights in your house before you arrive so you’ll feel safe at home, or turn them on if you’re out later than planned. Cooking dinner also becomes easier when you can remotely turn on and off small appliances like a slow cooker.
  3. Interactive door lock. Forget having to hide a key or give one away. You can now remotely lock and unlock your doors and check lock status anytime from a smart-connected device. You can even receive text or email alerts when the door has been locked or unlocked, letting you know when someone is coming or going.
  4. Doorbell camera. A Wi-Fi doorbell camera lets you receive a notification when the bell is pressed and you can communicate through a built-in speaker. You’ll be able to see visitors clearly at night and monitor your front door at any time using an app.
  5. Interactive garage door opener. Did you forget to close your garage door as you were rushing out for work? With an interactive garage door opener, you won’t have to worry about this again. Use it to open and close your garage door remotely, set your garage door to close automatically whenever the system is activated, and receive a notification as soon as your door is open.

Most important is the ability to control all of the above using one app. With ADT’s new control app, you can do exactly that and more.


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